Lord of Nova 0.5.7

Lord of Nova 0.5.7

Lord of Nova 0.5.7

In 2033 AD, humanity had first set out to conquer the universe. In an expedition, the great alliance fleet leader met with a skirmish from an unknown civilization looking for Nova. Afterwards, to safeguard humanity’s homeland, the humans returned and kept a low profile in order to strengthen themselves,20 years later, when humanity relaunched their universe campaign, it was a fierce war that awaited them; and a galactic epic unfolded before you with touching stories, vivid HD graphics and a fundamental fight between good and evil.

Game Features:

✔ Feast for the Senses

The game features HD graphics with solemn background music, presenting you with a feast for the senses!

✔ Realistic Battles

Build your military base, develop your army and assemble a mighty galactic fleet;

Capture planets, and plunder resources as your power grows with your ambitions, conquests and killings.

✔ Forge Alliances

You can forge your own alliance or join another alliance; solid cooperations bring benefits for everyone.

✔ Global Server

Players around the world gather here and play as your friends or foes, presenting you with an extraordinary experience transcending the boundaries of cultures and languages.

✔ Multiple Items

Items and ships are all here for you to choose, different combinations produce different tactics. Your hero and fleet rely on your wisdom to attain victory!

✔ Multiple Gameplay Styles

The game provides a variety of types of battles such as PVPs, Alliance Wars, Throne Wars, Boss battles and Alien Invasions, etc. Fight your way to victory!

✔ Sharing Moments

The game features a real-time chat function that allows you to make friends and share info and significant moments with them!
The game supports login with a Facebook account; you can invite your Facebook friends and share your success and joy with them instantly. Let them be proud of you!

✔ Free-to-Play

The game is a free-to-play game with only a few high-value items requiring in-game purchase. Players can make purchases to provide a boost to their strength. Players who don’t want to make purchases can still enjoy the game!

Category: Strategy Game
Rating users: 395
Content rating: Everyone
Download com.seagame.lordofnova
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up