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Need a little help here, attenpting to download certain beatmaps causes the game to crash. I think it’s the server’s problem. I have a stable internet yet downloading certain beatmaps causes the game to crash.Edit: Nope, it’s like “This chart crashes today. Then it works tomorrow”. Usually happens on alpha ones.

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    VENGEANCE GAMER September 15, 2017
    Need a little help here, attenpting to download certain beatmaps causes the game to crash. I think it’s the server’s problem. I have a stable internet yet downloading certain beatmaps causes the game to crash.Edit: Nope, it’s like “This chart crashes today. Then it works tomorrow”. Usually happens on alpha ones.

    Developer Mugzone September 6, 2017 Does it happens everytime?

    James Moreno September 23, 2017
    Why do some osu files only show up as catch the beat and not as mania songs? Also it is my understanding that the guy that made this game worked on mania on osu so why dont skins from osu work on here?

    Random Person September 9, 2017
    I tried to make an account for this game, and it says to go to my inbox to check if there is a messege to activate my account, but I didnt find anything

    Developer Mugzone September 10, 2017 it’s in your email box

    SiPotan Gaming October 11, 2017
    Yeah its goos but… Why i cant upload my own beatmaps to the server its say upload only can for active people only whats that mean i mean iam already online but why i cant upload it plss fix this …..

    Candra Wijaya October 11, 2017
    Server respond very slow

    Developer Mugzone April 27, 2017 Our server is under ddos attack, please play offline

    Yuro Rabbit September 16, 2017
    Great!! I love it !! ^^ Hope you guys will make ring mode for pc and tablet soon

    Developer Mugzone August 22, 2017 Ring mode is for phone devices only. You are using a tablet.

    September 10, 2017
    Please fix captcha can register pleaaaassee

    bhOsz Lawrence September 9, 2017
    Im glad that i found this game .. thats all ? 5 Stars for you

    September 5, 2017
    This a good game, but how to unlock keybord mode in custom songs?

    Developer Mugzone September 6, 2017 It needs the specific charts.

    ivan amparo September 24, 2017
    the best of the best…..if you know how to put skin on it I love it…

    PrinzEugen September 20, 2017
    Amazing game

    Max Bond July 20, 2017
    GG Just got FC on osu!mania’s the empress HD diff, medium judge, 97.76% acc, IGN: InfinityPotato

    Yukihiro Sayama July 27, 2017
    It’ssimple and works. It’s like Osu in a way but with different modes. It’s defiantly more for the mobile market but I really think that’s fine.

    Falrop August 11, 2017
    God touch screen mania is great!

    -Daniel – July 4, 2017
    When you start downloading songs.. DONT YOU DARE TO UNINSTALL THIS GAME! It will crash.

    Ryuru Kakitashi July 4, 2017
    It needs the “smooth” gameplay and the simple Osu! Gameplay spirit.

    Zeptyk September 3, 2017
    Good app, but crashes on my android 4.2 tablet, and my phone is too small to play this…

    Lofeezy July 4, 2017
    Can someone sue peppy already jfc

    Jafet Magno June 16, 2017
    First of all i’d like to give you 5 stars but due to a bug or something my records and gameplay are not recording online and my ranking isn’t going up and so does my quest isn’t progressing at all. I have played Haelequin 4k HD and other sorts of charts but no progress at all. I am sure I’m in the online section of the game and i’ve tried it multiple times to relogin on the online section. Please help me devs. I would galdly wait but please fix this. In case you want to know my device is Oppo f1s 64gb. Thank you in advance for considering my issue!

    Dytrus June 11, 2017
    Hell yeah! I didn’t expect such dedication giving a rich amount of modes, mods and features, feels like my phone is a PC now. When I saw the Taiko mode and tried with my favorite osu! map I cried of happiness, so identical T~T! Also the custom skin selection is gold >w<, but will be ok change sounds too. Ok, I think I requesting so much qwq, almost everything is covered!, Good Job! The satisfaction of having this app made me can do everything with just 2 thumbs ^w^.
    M Hafidz July 2, 2017
    its potentially good but needs a lot of adjustments still, for example the responsivity of a profile, considering this app has no ads and in app purchases, so 5 stars

    Ishida Ohara June 24, 2017
    I thought it support .osu files (Osu, Osu!mania, Taiko, Catch the beat mod) ? (I cant determine which is the Osu, Osu!mania, Taiko, and Catch the beat. Cause it is written already written as 1 .osu file, and I have no idea what does the FAQ is telling me about) Then why the hell I can’t play my beatmaps in Key mod? Seriously, this app just wasted my data and time. I’am very disapointed.(PS: DON’T YOU DARE DELETE THIS REVIEW)

    Toshiro Takiyama June 13, 2017
    Ibjust love the customized songs

    aNNNo- MNG June 22, 2017

    Marc Jason Natividad October 1, 2017
    I have a high-end phone but when I play, it is not multi-touch so my combo is broken always. Please fix this. It only supports 2-touch not multiple touch

    Developer Mugzone October 8, 2017 You have to turn off any gesture support from your phone settings.

    Alan Hart June 2, 2017
    Best OSU port for Android I’ve ever found. Can even load the OSU maps to play them on your phone as well!

    Rebecca Boateng June 4, 2017
    Amazing. JUST LIKE OSU!. I would rate this 6 stars if I could

    Uzi Channings September 12, 2017
    THIS IS SUCK!! I tried to register my account but it always says my email or username has been used! I’ve tried like dozens different username n email and the result is still the same! It’s really pissed me off!

    Developer Mugzone May 17, 2017 Can you use another browser. It’s maybe a page load error, not your email issue.

    CONJURER :v October 14, 2017
    Hi! Hey mugzone i tried importing .osz charts with a background video but when i played the beatmap it has no video could you pls fix that but overall it was good

    Developer Mugzone October 15, 2017 We only support mp4 format videos.

    Pennywisethe dancingclown May 21, 2017
    OMG THIS IS WHAT I WAITING FOR IS TOTTALY A OSU????I LIVE YOU Mugzone you are the super best i ever seen???i have this on my ipad but the super best is this,this is the best than osu??nice work guys

    HAN Han May 11, 2017
    i’ve been waiting so long for this kind of game on android Really glad I could play this game I hope the dev didn’t put any in app purchase in this game

    akihito the shadow dragon April 11, 2017
    I love this game its so much fun

    Developer Mugzone April 12, 2017 Thanks for playing

    allen azuela June 3, 2017
    Love this game! Alternative for osu in android pls add the background video feature

    Yuda Pratama April 30, 2017
    Mobile version of Osu! and O2Jam, love it! Why I can’t login?

    Muhammad Hardiansyah June 3, 2017
    It’s working now. Thanks

    Developer Mugzone March 22, 2017 You should disable any gesture support from your device settings.

    Imrxn May 1, 2017
    Help,i can’t create an account ?

    Developer Mugzone May 1, 2017 Our server is under ddos attack.

    Mashiro Shiina April 7, 2017
    Sorry Late Reply But I Give This Game A 5 star cool game like OSU!

    Developer Mugzone April 6, 2017 It’s was a temporary server issue, and had recovered.

    Kengy March 24, 2017
    Probably the most awesome mobile app I’ve ever seen.. once i get a phone with a better touchscreen im gonna play the crap outta this xD

    Eric Dann March 1, 2017
    After hours of searching o2jam, and osu!mania droid version, this fitted best! It’s also free, by the way.

    Brian Gadin April 6, 2017
    This is great… As it is (the game lets you play and create beatmaps)

    What’s New

    * Support copy charts
    * Editor converts png to jpg automatically
    * Fix can’t add or delete notes with scaled editor grid
    * Fix menu disappear issue
    * Fix can’t input balloon number in editor
    * Fix playback speed bug of some videos



    Malody is a cross-platform music game (Simulator) which is developed by a group of dedicated volunteers.
    * Multi game mode: Key, Step, DJ, Pad, Catch, Taiko
    * In game editor for creating and sharing charts.
    * Support variety of chart formats: osu, sm, bms, pms, mc, tja.
    * Support full keysound chart.
    * Support custom skin.
    * Support play effect: random, flip, const, rush, hide, origin
    * Support online ranking.
    * Wiki based community where you can upload and share charts.
    * In game multi language support
    How to import chart:
    Submit chart:
    Custom skin:

    Category: Music Game
    Rating users: 1,809
    Content rating: Everyone
    Download me.mugzone.malody
    Requirements: Android 4.0 and up