Mazebert TD 1.4.1

Mazebert TD is a mix of TD, RPG and CTG!


Solid base for a game. Needs more incentive to explore towers besides Wolf and Miss Jilly. Needs better inventory management during games (visual hints for equipped items, lock and transmute all functions, consistent inventory sorting). Also, not clear where to report bugs: I spawned a treasure goblin on level 200/200, killed the horseman but not the goblin. Wizard survived but game didn’t advance to endless survival. Super annoying since I was just set up to work on three quests.

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Mark Hiner September 19, 2017
Solid base for a game. Needs more incentive to explore towers besides Wolf and Miss Jilly. Needs better inventory management during games (visual hints for equipped items, lock and transmute all functions, consistent inventory sorting). Also, not clear where to report bugs: I spawned a treasure goblin on level 200/200, killed the horseman but not the goblin. Wizard survived but game didn’t advance to endless survival. Super annoying since I was just set up to work on three quests.

Deneb Marmolejo July 25, 2017
Great Game i bought all extra content. Im a type of a gamer who easily Get bored and change games but this one is my favorite I already change new cellphones 4 times always download this game. Why not try more updates Like upgrading items like sacreficing the same items for upgrading. Or adjusting stats of tower like damge speed range and negative bufs poison burn frost slow and stun. We Want More.!!!!^^thank you

Brandon Favot August 23, 2017
So long since an update! Need some new stuff it’s starting to get a bit old now, elvis still being beast, with the bear trapper in the back finishing off stragglers

ALVIEN LEE October 10, 2017
Its fun game for awhile until it become monotone​. Main start with jilly, n wolf, n hogar, n shadow. No other combo. Dark too op shadow n abyss king no limit buffs, while other have limit. Wolf fall on 200 waves, hogar fall on 350 waves. Metropolis gold fall on bonus stage. Not much option.

Kristjan Janežič September 13, 2017
BUT ihave lost ny lvl while updating. why???? ? (still 5 stars ;)) UPDATE: Restored acc. Thank you very much ? Best TD ever

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming January 3, 2015 Hi Kristjan, thanks for your review!! Can you send us an e-mail describing your problem after the upgrade? We will try to help you recover your progress! Cheers ?

Crohex the Purger October 19, 2016
Overall a great td game…. Bought all the cosmetics just to help support…. I do have some questions though…. Can you please add an achievement menu so i know how to unlock them? Also getting 20-40 coins for one daily achievement everyday is very very very slow…. There really needs to be more ways to make money bags so i can finally beat golden grounds…. Beat every map on hard and over 6000 seconds in bonus round on hard but only have like 25 total golden items and nothing really good….

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming October 21, 2016 Thanks for your feedback! Here is the list of hidden achievements:

Coleman T. Harrison March 8, 2017
The game is largely luck-based, so much so that 60% of the game relies on you getting the cards you need by a certain wave, or you will inevitably lose because of shoddy drops. That said, the other 40% of the game relies on your skills, and that was fun enough for me that I decided to support the dev via the cosmetic IAP. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more from the dev ?

Chris Smith December 4, 2016
I’ve tried most of the TD games on the market, and honestly this one has the most potential. Slight limitations, such as a lack of variety in maps, but the game not constantly forcing ads, pop-ups, and in game purchases in your face makes up for that. Great variety in the amount of towers, power ups, and enemies. Overall, 9/5 stars.EDIT: 8 months later and still the only game to not be uninstalled. Love the updates love the game.

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming May 15, 2014 Thank you sir! Glad you like it ?

Jacob Blank November 4, 2016
It’s a wonderful tower defense game unlike any other I have played before. I’m hooked. When I say you will play this for hours I’m not kidding. It’s fun, addicting and enough rpg and luck elements to keep it renewed and refreshing. My only issue is it keeps freezing. I’ll get to floor 120 something or 140ish and the game crashes. It freezes and when I exit the game and hit continue. It does the same thing forcing me to start a new game when I’ve gotten so far…

Chris H July 20, 2016
Would like more ways to get sacks/bags.Perhaps getting some after each game depending on how well you do and difficulty.Also would love black market to not give duplicates.

Ben Arceneaux September 11, 2016
Really unique take on TD that is simply fun as hell to play!Ive failed college courses because of this game, its that good. The towers all feel really different, even different among each other. Plus the dev is still updating which is really neat.

Kasper Jan November 18, 2016
The graphics are terrible, some sprites are even from other games. The gameplay is very basic, nothing interesting there. The towers doesnt even move when they attack, even if the tower is human. Anything is copy and paste, the grass tiles always the same except for one or two mushrooms sometimes. I dont get it why it has such high rating though.

0011peace September 30, 2017
200 levels of the same tower is a bit much and too many different cards. That just increased likelihood that you will pick the wrong defences

Vladyslav Opara October 18, 2016
But not what it tries to be. After maybe 3 hours every round is the same. You cannot go for a mass strategy in the long run, except for wolf (and wolf skin item), which do not drop reliably. Otherwise, take the first tower that you like – give it all statbuff potions (since rerolling potions doesnt change total stats gained), reroll all items take only the best, reroll all towers except for buff towers and you win every map. Some things are pretty unbalanced.Otherwise – great UI, humor and no ad’s!

vth0601 October 7, 2016
I love this game, iwould give it 5 starz. But it keeps freezing on lvl153. I’e tried lowering fps and clearing storage space. Any solution?

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming October 8, 2016 Hey thanks for your feedback! Do you still have your savegame that is freezing? It would totally amazing if you could send it to me for debugging this issue (andy [at] I don’t think it is due to your hardware, rather a tower / creep / item combination that wasn’t on the radar before… Thanks!

Doom Muffinz January 4, 2017
I like the game, played it TONS. My origional goal was to get the Hero that had +50% crit and 50 or 25% damage, however, after putting in more hours than I imagine anyone else has in the time I’ve played (no job atm) I still cant buy him. I’m high lvl, when can I get him? Got bored of waiting. Seriously, I played A LOT. Also theres only 1 or 2 viable strategies for end game ): also gets boring there. Music is 10/10

Lemuel Visperas December 5, 2016
Everytime when the next round is mass fal rich revive, the game stops responding, please sort it out.. really do enjoy the game though.

Gunawanz Tukang Komentar November 24, 2016
Great game. Nice feature make it keep interesting. But it always suddenly freezing when playing. Have to force close the game. Fix it please and ill add more stars

Ibrahim Rahardjo October 26, 2016
The Card Collecting element is awesome, it always give different feel and strategy everytime I play it. I hope there are new factions coming.

Sergei Sannikov February 13, 2017
This game seems to be inspired by one of my favorite Warcraft 3 maps, YouTD. I love the hell out of it, but please add upgrades to towers or something else to spend gold on in late game, as it seems to become obsolete once you have your carry tower and a few legendaries, spell towers and build diversity would be amazing as well, since currently imo the only build is 1 carry aoe/single target tower like Scarecrow or Electric chair.

Josette Walsh June 14, 2017
This is one of my favorite TD games. There may be some that are fancier, but certainly not more fun. This is one of the most creative TD games I’ve ever seen. The characters are awesome and very funny. As a matter of fact, the only thing I can think of to improve the game, would be to offer a shorter game, then the 200 rounds that you have now. Maybe a 50, and a 100 for beginners. After awhile, I get tired of seeing the same tower path, over, and over, and over again. I finally managed to reach 100, but it seems like it’ll take awhile to reach 200. The only other issue I have is the cost of the more powerful, rare characters (weapons?). I tried using the money one, but it didn’t seem to help much, and I felt it was better to save for a fighter instead. My favorite so far, is the hitman. I usually use at least 5 each game. Sometimes his hits can be as high as 1200 or more. Keep up the good work with this great game. Btw, I played this years ago, got a new phone, and forgot about the game. I was absolutely delighted to find it again. Is there a way to back up my progress to transfer to another phone?

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming June 27, 2017 Thanks, glad you enjoy the game!! Yes if you still have your save code from the previous install around, you can use it to load it up on the new phone. If not and you remember your player name, you can fire a post on the mazebert forum, in most cases I’m able to help recover lost accounts.

Ditch Suarez April 24, 2016
i’ve been playing this game on and off for 3 years or more now, and it’s always going to be there for me. i’ve tried surpassing 9999 seconds on bonus round already, but i still play it to try other combinations. keep the updates coming andreas.

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming April 24, 2016 Thank you! Will do ?

Akbar Bobokhonov May 5, 2016
Awesome game, as said in the description, each consecutive game is different. P.S. why make those cards expert… I spent so much gold on them(

Raymond Dennis Tan February 13, 2017
Game hangs on lvl 193 when i played it. Restarted it a lot of times but its always the same.

Robert Hites June 19, 2016
Well balanced and fun only wish we could get more than one quest a day. Update that and I will give 5 stars

NG SHAOMING September 22, 2016
I dont see any credits for the creator of youTD. Nevertheless, quite. Alot of room for improvement

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming September 25, 2016 Start game / credits / wait a few seconds for it to show. You TD is simply amazing ?

Chris Swatkowski December 3, 2016
This is the best, most in depth TD/RPG around. With high replay value and no ads, what more could you ask for? I highly recommend you give this gem a try. Would love to see more content come out.

Astrochronic December 9, 2016
Every time you start a new game you pick a character you have skills you can choose and a difficulty level and the types of towers you can play with none of the skills are accessible none of them can have points added to them none of them can be chosen in any way they just sit there and do nothing game is broken and Incredibly difficult with no reward or ability to increase powers between games.

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming December 11, 2016 Hey try to swipe the bar of a skill you’d like to put points in. Really should improve the usability on that part, hehe!

Alan McLean January 19, 2017
Refreshing. Funny. Clever. Entertaining writing (in a tower defense game? No, really!)… I’d love to see more games in this style, by this developer. I am NOT uninstalling this from my phone.

Orrin Graytail January 23, 2017
It seems like there’s no way to win? There’s no tooltips for some things about the towers. I’d like to see the first description of the tower we get but you can’t after you place it? Also is there any indicator of set items activating? It’s a unique game and I like it. I wish I could figure out a winning strategy.

Слава Кушнир July 15, 2016
Just one question: when new maps will come? Or at least map, not mapS ?

Dana Multer April 19, 2017
Omfg I forgot this was a thing! This is so much fun! With the pub, and the weapons !! Yes. Definitely installing on this device.

Developer Andreas Hager Gaming April 28, 2014 Thanks for your review and the stats suggestions! Very much appreciated.

Lyriks James February 25, 2017
When you hit 6.5 mil dam and it’s been stacking the whole game only one word pops into your mind.. I win. Just fall asleep during the bonus round because it’s going to go on for a while.. bear trap ftw

Anton Kyrychek March 17, 2017
Bro, I know everyone prolly on u about it, but when is new patch coming? And are u gonna make a map with 2 corridors?

Igor Yamamoto April 26, 2017
This game is great once you understand everything, but recently it started freezing at some levels and now I’m stuck and it sucks, I don’t want to start over and over because of it

Mathew Presley August 19, 2016
Enjoying thus far, but the artwork looks pretty hotch-potch. Hope that later updates add more consistent art and some new towers/elements.

Hassie June 17, 2017
Wish more games would think outside the box like this game.

Dark Emetheto April 10, 2017
*Update* Is this game still getting updates and more added to it? I will continue to support it, but please don’t let this game die out!!! ?

Patrick Avella November 25, 2016
Unique TD formula where winning isn’t guaranteed. No ads. Enough content to grind for many hours. I bought the cosmetics to support the developer.

William Atkins October 23, 2016
But I would like to see more than 3 sets of towers. I love the concept and the challenge is solid.

What’s New

Maintenance release:
– Upgrade to the latest SDKs
– Fix a bonus round exploit
– Fix crash in certain situations, by preventing Knusperhexe from eating revive mass creeps

Mazebert TD 1.4.1

Mazebert TD 1.4.1

You are bored of doing the same, bullet proof strategie over and over again, like known from many tower defense games? Then fear no more, in Mazebert TD no game will be the same!
Every round you draw a random tower card to your hand. Didn’t draw the towers you like? Improvise! You will be surprised what crazy strategies you come up with just to make it to the next round.
We all love it. Mazebert TD has loads of it: Loot! Defeated enemies drop item and potion cards. Use them to boost your towers on the field! You will need to combine your cards in clever ways to win the game.
Want more? The developement of Mazebert TD is driven by the community. Share your ideas, suggestions and feedback at and you might discover some of it implemented in the next version. Submit your ideas for future cards. If the community approves, you get your very own card in the game and your name will be added to the credits.
See you around and happy building!

Category: Strategy Game
Rating users: 4,117
Content rating: Everyone 10+
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up