Momo’s Dressup

The cutest anime pixelart dress up game is here!


I love this game! Will there be more updates for it? I finished collecting the stuff within a few hours. And i dont wanna Uninstall it because its so cute and I can create characters. Like more skin tones would be nice, like make a ‘native’ skin tone? Maybe add earphones, more animal ears, maybe some tails, stuff like on rinmaru(great anime site for dress up things)Just suggestion. Over all it was great.

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Screenshot Momo’s Dressup

Momo's Dressup screenshot
Momo's Dressup screenshot
Momo's Dressup screenshot
Momo's Dressup screenshot

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    ☆ Brand new dressup game *Momo’s Dressup* ☆

    Stylize your doll with cute and lovely clothes.

    There are Wigs, blouses, skirts, shoes and so many items to accessorize with.
    Mix match various items to complete your own style.
    Enjoy dressing up your doll.

    ♡ Features ♡
    – Very easy and cute game!
    – Gather different flowers from the flower bed to receive present boxes.
    – Find decorative items inside the present boxes!
    – As you try on your new items, flowers will bloom again, ready to be gathered.
    – Your goal is to collect all of the items! Dress up in different styles with your collected items.

    What’s New

    Fix game save bug

    App Name Momo’s Dressup
    Developer MayGreen Studio
    Requirements Android 2.3.3 and up
    Package com.MayGreenStudio.dressup

    User reviews

    UnknownAugust 24, 2017
    I love this game! Will there be more updates for it? I finished collecting the stuff within a few hours. And i dont wanna Uninstall it because its so cute and I can create characters. Like more skin tones would be nice, like make a ‘native’ skin tone? Maybe add earphones, more animal ears, maybe some tails, stuff like on rinmaru(great anime site for dress up things)Just suggestion. Over all it was great.

    Jaquelyn Camarena May 22, 2017
    Adorable! I love playing this. It’d be wonderful to have an extensive amount of flexible clothing though in the next update if there might be one. Simple skirts, shorts, and jeans. Various shirts and dresses with and without patterns. You also can’t go wrong with adding more cosplay/fantasy things, though (like armor, gowns, faerie inspired outfits, etc.)! More hairstyles. MORE eyes/mouths. Freckles, scars, and different blushes would be fun, too! Props, maybe? (Swords, books, headphones, phones, animals, scarves, etc.) There are many things that could make this game much more fun than it already is! Can’t wait for the next update if there may be one! <3

    Shinxy Muro June 22, 2017
    Really loved this little game! Very inspiring to draw too and gives multiple ideas. I’ve already collected all items, which is a shame, but hopefully you’ll update this app and add more! It’s really beautiful! I’d love to keep using it! Also, I’d like to especially praise the artist. Work was done really well! I’d love to see more in the future!

    47ShadesOfBlue June 20, 2017
    I became instantly addicted after a friend introduced this game to me. I loved the little flower mini game! To be able to collect accessories that way is creative and fun. I’m excited to see how for this game will go! An update that I would personally love to see is being able to interact with “Momo”. I understand its a cute dress up game but I think being able to see “Momo” in different poses or even able to take care of her, similar to a Tomogachi style of gameplay, would be incredible! As of now I love the game, even after collecting everything, I love coming back to put her in different outfits. Fantastic work so far!

    RavenMania Gaming May 19, 2017
    Very cute little dress up game! Collecting gift points is a really good idea, and I like that the way the player collects said points is by harvesting flowers. The pixel art is pleasant and the overall game is nice-looking. It gets boring after collecting all the items, so hopefully the dev team consistently updates. There should be more clothing options that fits all kinds of aesthetics. But all in all, nice game.

    Normal Human 70 September 14, 2017
    I spent 2-3 hours playing ‘^-^ so that means I loved it! I even made a short story about a girl whos mother tells her what to do but she ran away and she got taken in by a young schoolboy who cared for her then brought her clothes… I haven’t finished it yet ‘^-^ but GG GG GG! I LOVE IT SOO MUCH!!

    Mari Kisaki May 14, 2017
    A great and fun game. Desperately need more clothes.. But rather than making sets (like the maid, or some clothes that only match with this skirt/pant), make more random shirts and skirts, to make it more flexible. Thank you so much for making this game… T-T

    Melody Inkline May 12, 2017
    I’m addicted to this app!! I hope once you add another update, you can add more anime themed clothes and hair and accessories! Like from Naruto, Bleach, Osomatsu-San, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, and a lot more pleaseeee~? It would make the app much more fun! ? Keep up the great work!!

    GamingJillianMargaux VloggingAnd games July 29, 2017
    This game is adorable!! But… there are 2 things that I want you guys to fix. This is the 1st: I want to have like an option to sell the clothes and accesories that we don’t need. And exchange of that is points for the gifts. And this is the 2nd problem: I want the gifts to be max on 10 gifts not 9. But aside from that there is no more problem with the game! Overall its adorable! ????

    Spilled-lnk October 8, 2017
    I absolutely love this game! I got addicted in the first few minutes. The only thing is once you get all of the times, there’s nothing else to do except dress up. Other than that, this is one of my favorite games!

    Creeper Faith19 May 22, 2017
    I love this game!!!Its soo addicting, but i got allthe clothes within 2 days… it got kinda boring once you get all the clothing, but i love the pixalated graphics. The clothes are also so kawaii!So pls add tons of clothes if u have a next update, im not deleting this game until the next update comes

    UnknownAugust 9, 2017
    This game is very cute! However, there is one thing I think you should add. If you can, please add Vocaloid items and possibly sailor moon items. Such as two high ponytails, turquoise and blonde like the characters. Otherwise this game is great! Please make updates!

    Ashlynn Bozard June 17, 2017
    I like this game a lot. It’s really unique and I love that you get the clothing gradually by getting present and harvesting flowers. The only thing I don’t like is that there is not enough modest clothing. the pants and things are fine but there could be some normal shirts.

    ΚΛΣ September 3, 2017
    When I first saw this app, I thought it would be incredibly boring and pointless. However, when I started playing it, I was already hooked. It seems pointless, but really though – the game is very fun and good to kill time. It tests out creativity in an aspect, and it’s adorable. Right now it’s my favorite mobile game ~ The only issue I have is with how easy it is to complete this game. I’m hoping there will be upcoming updates to further extend my items list haha. Definitely recommend.

    White Rose August 20, 2017
    I really liked it, but what happens when all the gifts are gone? Do they come back the next day or something. So after like a few months do they come back because I’ve been waiting but nothing had happened do they only come back once??

    margarit Молочко July 26, 2017
    It’s the best thing since YouTube!!! I think it’s really fun I really recommend it for there are no ads.Not being rude or anything but people who rated it 3stars or lessare clearly missing the point of the actual game. Again, no rudeness intended.

    Nonya Business May 28, 2017
    Wonderful little game. Lovely graphics, adorable outfits. However, I’m a little bummed about the hairstyles- they’re mostly vivid colors, a few blacks and browns and blondes, but, i would enjoy seeing more of the natural colors. A simple, brown ponytail with parted roots, things like that would be nice. I am aware of the brown up-do, but the bangs are very high upon the head and, in my own little opinion, it looks a bit odd. Nevertheless, this is a very well made and cute game. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Tsundairy June 23, 2017
    Adorable game. Most dress up games have very little variety, this game had a lot to choose from. But you can collect all the items in like an hour? After that your just stick with a boring dress up game. I hope they add more items when they do updates .

    Autumn Fawn June 26, 2017
    Very nice, cute little simple game. The only gripe I have is I wish there would be a larger capacity for gift boxes. It would also be awesome if sound was added, but the lack of does not hinder the awesomeness of the game. It’s wonderful that you don’t have to pay for anything; all you have to do is wait to get all of the items. I like dress up games so once I collect all of the items, it will still be just as fun for me. Another suggestion I have is to be able to add more than one item to the face, for example, be able to have glasses and blushing cheeks at the same time. Thanks so much for the game! Please continue to update it ? It can only get better from here! (Tip for other players: If you don’t want it to become just a dress up game so quickly, play the game in short bursts. That way it will take longer to collect all of the items!)

    Maria F May 16, 2017
    Was glad I didn’t delete once I unlocked all the items because as soon as I was going to, there was an update with new items. Will be keeping as long as there are frequent updates and new cute clothes. Also a suggestion as an item is vampire teeth ?

    UnknownJune 9, 2017
    This is a great game! To be honest I never get bored of it even when I finished collecting everything! Its a damn nice game. I’ll always wait for the next update no matter how long it takes. Please add things such as full dresses, simple jeans and shirts or polos, bags and jackets and many more!

    Marina Delanoche July 5, 2017
    This is a very cute and adorable game, but maybe expend this to male clothes? And male models? That would help with my art skills at drawing people, but other than that it’s great, hopefully you’ll keep updating clothes!

    UnknownJune 23, 2017
    Thank u for the great work this has everything I need and there is a tiny problem if you could make the flowers go a lil bit fast, kinda keeps me waiting u know but thank u for the amazing work you did. Made my happiness higher then ever (T0T) !!!

    onelia cp October 1, 2017
    This game is so fun and addicting! And the outfits are so cute! The only problem is that you finish the game after a really short time, so you should add more items to collect! There are endless possibilities of clothing. But other than that the app is still fun to have even after you finish it cause you can design your own characters and dress them up.

    Cukie Nieves October 14, 2017
    I couldn’t get off my phone, there is literally unlimited play… it just keeps going! Fantastic time killer! But i finished the whole game in 2 days! Plz add more clothes!

    Cayla Napier June 12, 2017
    Great game. Only thing I would change is to maybe add more minigames and have it take a little longer to progress and get new items. Other than that, it’s pretty much perfect for me.

    Kunal June 1, 2017
    EDIT: Hurray for update! Hurray for more clothes! The new additions look great so far. Here’s hoping for more soon-ish!? One thing I’d love to see in a future update is a sorting option for clothes and accessories. Either by color or type (casual to formal, cute to cosplay). And as others have said, different backgrounds and possible poses for Momo would be awesome.Absolutely adorable. From cute pixel art, to the minimal ads, and especially the lack of IAPs, this has to be one of the best dress-up games on the Play Store. I collected all of the (super cute) outfits within two days, and I’m holding out hope that there will be more on the way. Preferably something more casual, or even a little risque? but anything will be great.Looking forward to it!

    Fionna The human September 16, 2017
    First off,I love this game and the way you earn gifts to get more clothes or accessories. There’s one thing I want from you guys….Please do a MALE VERSION of this game!!! I love to create my characters off of this!! ????

    Arad Aminula Agmad May 13, 2017
    Oh..guyz….Im about to play COC but i have noticed this app..and when the first time i started..i thought this game is worse ..but for a few mins. I realize this game is amazing..Addictive..simple but cute..I recommend this game..Plz play this game as long as you like, not worsebut Amazingly Perfect!!! :))))

    Alanis Harris June 16, 2017
    Very comforting & cute graphics with really easy gameplay. It’s real good for my anxiety and stress, it’s nice to just sit down and scroll through all the bright colors. I love this game so much. I hope y’all update with lots more clothes, bc I’ve collected them all haha. ??

    Lena Hirsch October 6, 2017
    Great concept but short lived. I’d add a couple different colour backgrounds, add percentage drops of getting items so I can’t get everything in one sitting, and I know it takes more programming, but longevity could be added by allowing people to vote on outfits against each other. Otherwise it is a one or two day use app. ? Very cute though.

    Skylar Sharp October 5, 2017
    I got obsessed with this little game. I couldn’t put my phone down at all! This led to me finishing the game rather quickly however. If only there were more outfits to make! T_T

    Floopy DaUnicorn October 22, 2017
    I loved this! After getting it, i had to force myself to stop playing so I could go to bed. It was so addicting, i love all the things you can get and would love to see more.

    Irene Castellano September 17, 2017
    Lovely little dress-up game with really cute art but not much content. I unlocked all of the pieces within a few days and now am left with nothing to do. I’d love to see the dev expand the game with more pieces to unlock (and maybe make it a little bit harder / take a little longer to do so) as well as something interactive, like weekly challenges that other players would vote on, with the winners receiving rare pieces.

    V G July 17, 2017
    Even though I got everything the first day, I still haven’t made every combination. My sister reccomended this to me and it was so fun! I do wish there was more to it but it’s a unique type of dress up game.

    Nursehella Emcee June 8, 2017
    Quick hit of dress up fun, cute pixel graphics, SO FREE with no annoying ads, no freemiun BS. Not a huge clothes selection, but I think they keep adding a few things here and there. No regrets, DL asap.

    Precious Odnimer September 5, 2017
    The game is amazing but frustrating coz I finished it within a few hours so here’s a list of more collwctable items. I guess a suggestion from a player wont hurt.more Clothes! -gowns -elf -mediterannian -classic Idk just use genres and etc. I already love the cuteness in the game itselfAccesories! -more ears!! Elf ears! Fox ears -eye patches – tails -wands -swords or staffs idk -more expressions -pets -more necklaces. Actually exclude it from the face section -more wigs -more hats! Like berret or caps -umbrellas-animal sweaters -more knee high socks -face paint And a male gender! Lmao

    Hinoarashii ! September 10, 2017
    Love it! Not only the clothes and graphics are really cute, but the outfits really inspire me to draw! Also it’s not one of those stupid games where you have to wait a day for a gift, this game only takes a few seconds!

    Hentai Chan September 28, 2017
    Super cute free pixel styled dress up! So you have to work for your clothes in this. Nothing extravagant.You need to click on the flowers when they bloom and when you get enough you get a box— you get to pick one out of three things from the box.It takes about 2 hours to collect all the items. And there isn’t that much variety actually. It’s good to play to pass time.Only thing I hate is that it won’t stop showing you have a new item until you put it on and save it. Eh.

    Karissa Coonrod May 16, 2017
    This game is much better than I originally expected. Very cute, I love the art style. Pixels are my thing. The clothes are wonderful. Please keep up with more updates. I’ll be eagerly awaiting them ?