Music challenge old cartoon 5.2.1

Music challenge old cartoon 5.2.1

Music challenge old cartoon 5.2.1

Let’s start playing now with the most powerful game questions songs cartoon, which test your memory to remember badges and the voices of characters anime famous, Recoup last days of songs old animation and new and the sounds of cartoon characters that we have lived our childhood and their sounds,
Listen to the clip of the song cartons and try to remember the name of the animation, or anime character or anime that speaks in the name of the section.
game cartoon contest songs is a great game and very fun, beautiful days time wonderful childhood days old badges and animation,
the game is available on the cardboard songs old and new and increasingly difficult to identify the badge only Mai or carton with each stage.
cardboard songs in the game:
★ ★ heroes Aldegtal I
★ Dragonball
Captain Majid

★ ★ Mowgli mom how much
★ ★ Sally Hamitro
★ Adnan Lena
★ remy you safety Naruto

★ Pinky and the brain
★ era friends

★ Smurfs secret garden
★ Zoro
★ ★ straw hat
tales Maohllagha
and many songs too numerous to mention …..
captaine majid
hazim al ra3de
daye al chouja3
almokatel anabil
forsan al ard
asrar al mouhit
ajnehat al kandam
maroco saghira
ana wa akhi
namir al mo9ana3
abtal al digital
ana wa akhi
al 9anass
g rendizer
captain majid
sahiba delli tawil
al sanafer
sabi9 wa la7i9
hahd al asdi9a2
adnan wa lina
grindaizar a
jungles Aldegtal I box
My brother and I # security
# anti
Crash Gear
Drage-Wen Paul
Hazim Hamitro Thunder
do not cry, baby
captain Majid
Mowgli mom how much Romeo Ohuaha

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quiz cartoon song: is an funny quiz game specially designed for young for remember together the best childhood days with spacetoon and anime song and cartoon song.
so are you ready to take this challenge? are you have an strong memory? for you can guess the sound of anime?
about the quiz cartoon song:
we’ll give you a song animated duration from 11 seconds to 20 seconds depending on the difficulty of anime or cartoon
and you are required to guess the animation and write his name in the designated box, but well focused when writing because any error you will lose 5 points from your balance.
points need them to open help way in the game contest quiz anime song
you have 4 help ways each way have specific points depending on the value of helping.
you have: share with a friend and is free.

Category: Music Game
Rating users: 140
Content rating: Everyone
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up