NoteTeacher – read sheet music

Learning how to read sheet music and play guitar. Easy 12-levels game for FREE


Awesome app to learn how to read sheet music on the guitar. No [email protected]

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Screenshot NoteTeacher – read sheet music

NoteTeacher - read sheet music screenshot
NoteTeacher - read sheet music screenshot
NoteTeacher - read sheet music screenshot
NoteTeacher - read sheet music screenshot

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    Increase your note identification speed and improve your ability to read sheet music. This is a perfect tool for people learning music. The application increases in difficulty over time so that you can truly learn to sight-read music notes effortlessly.
    – Great for those just learning to read music as well as those challenging themselves to increase the speed at which they can read music notes and play the guitar
    With guitar tuner (NoteTuner)

    support Basic musical nomenclature (C D E F G A B)
    and German musical nomenclature (C D E F G A H)

    Read this about German musical nomenclature

    What’s New

    Changes on levels 4, 5, 7

    App Name NoteTeacher – read sheet music
    Developer Leonid Arefev
    Requirements Android 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Daniel Bejarano October 23, 2017
    Awesome app to learn how to read sheet music on the guitar. No [email protected]

    Rich Miller September 17, 2017
    Great app, really helpful.

    doublephd October 22, 2017
    Great app. Well structured and it does help you recognize sheet musicfaster.

    Roger Baker September 11, 2017
    Just started using it. Seems to work ok so far. More fun than flash cards. Not sure if the fingerboard stuff will transfer easily to real guitar, but when you don’t have guitar with you it gives you something to do.

    Newton Salmon Jr September 4, 2017
    Simple and works well. Great space saver too.

    Dave Wong June 20, 2017
    good app for me..beenplaying guitar 10 years or so not knowing to read musical notes. now I can say I can read most of the notes . if fact I now can restart playing my musical book that been under the closet for years.

    D F C T August 15, 2017
    Great app to learn music sheets so far in level 10 and great that it does have guitar sound recognition so I can keep up practicing and extending my knowledgethank you guys

    Naren SS August 6, 2017
    Good progressive leaning system.. would be good to have some intro which says how timing works to get to the next level

    Developer Leonid Arefev August 7, 2017 Always not more than 10 minutes and more than 90% correct answers to open next level

    Garrett Atkinson July 17, 2017
    Great for learning to read music, even does guitar tone recognition which is cool

    pou Ya August 3, 2017
    This is absolutely great, I didn’t expect that it will be this good and useful

    Zoel Fahmee July 17, 2017
    Nice apps for learning musical note

    William Castrillon July 26, 2017
    Great app For learning to read music

    Nelson Ricardo Florindo July 13, 2017
    Very good app… Very helpful with learning the notes

    Harshil Choudhary August 27, 2017
    Great app to learn sheet music

    UnknownJune 29, 2017
    Very good

    Nicholle Smith May 4, 2017
    I’m in love with this app except for level 10 it keeps picking up noises that aren’t there or saying the note I’m playing isn’t right when it is. But if you are looking to learn to read music this couldn’t be better. It took a few hours to go through the levels and then I pretty much have it down. If they could adjust the levels on 10 to only pick up guitar then it would be 5 star hands down.

    Developer Leonid Arefev May 4, 2017 Is tuner works for you, or its broken too?

    joshua reynoso March 25, 2017
    Really like it but could you add a bass clef please? That would be amazing. The design is simple, effective, and easy to use.

    Developer Leonid Arefev March 25, 2017 Some later. It will be separate app

    Тимур Дмитриев May 1, 2017
    Only level 10 could be reached for free. Over 10 level it doesn’t work without a donate.

    Developer Leonid Arefev May 2, 2017 Yes. Last 2 levels will ask to donate.
    Но зачем по-английски писать было?

    Marcin Kałuża May 3, 2017
    Awesome ? but could also use bass key practice – then it would be “usable” for piano as well

    David Goyea April 12, 2017
    Simple, effective…exactly what I needed!

    UnknownMay 6, 2017
    I learned to read music with this app. It does exactly what it says it does.

    Priyanka Mahajan April 11, 2017
    Great app…suggestion to add bass clef…

    Ed McDougal May 4, 2017
    Nice simple app.

    Viendari Smith February 14, 2017
    Quite useful but there is annoying inconvenience: there is no way to switch levels. Yes, you can press “level down” and move from level 7 to level 2, but you cannot get back to level 7. You have to solve all levels again up to level 7. Quite annoying.

    Drexler Shazurima February 27, 2017
    It’s Great! This was the first app to help me in learning. ? .But it would be better if i can put the level up and down please ?

    Jaay Waay February 18, 2017
    I really would really love a bass clef version with the same design.

    Jon Ooten January 8, 2017
    The note detection is nonconsistant to the point of maddening!You can play the same note 4 times in a row and it recognizes one but not another.Do levels 1-9 and stop!This can be be verified by trying to use the apps tuner, strum an open chord and watch as E becomes A, then G, and finally settles on the opposite E.Great fun.

    Developer Leonid Arefev January 8, 2017 Broken hands? Yes!

    wheel of time November 23, 2016
    This is a huge help! …maybe its just my phone, but I still have to press the sound button to hear the notes even if auto sound is on. Otherwise great!

    Developer Leonid Arefev November 23, 2016 App play only one note in autoplay mode. 2-3 notes may sounds very bad

    Scott Oechsle December 5, 2016
    I was going to download some pdf worksheets to practice reading sheet music.Don’t bother.This app is a 1000x better.It’s rapid fire and you learn note locations fast.It then transitions to reading notes and it’s corresponding location on the guitar fret board.That’s awesome.Thanks for this great app.

    Developer Leonid Arefev December 6, 2016 Ok

    Rob Magnan November 14, 2016
    Everything I need to learn basic notes on the staff. Not sure how I will equate this to the guitar fret board but this is exactly what I need for on the go staff reading.

    Hai Hoang November 2, 2016
    From easy to gradually and scientifically harder, very effective to memorize notes as well as mapping to guitar fred. Love it and big thanks to developers of this app!

    Scott Evans November 8, 2016
    The developer seems to have an attitude with anyone who makes constructive criticism so I won’t bother.shame really as this app has the potential to be brilliant.

    Developer Leonid Arefev November 8, 2016 Its FREE. So i have no much time to update it

    Dima Illin November 28, 2016
    It would be great if you add possibility to lower level. I reached level 8, but feel that I need to do some levels lower to repeat.

    Developer Leonid Arefev November 29, 2016 Open main menu and click level down item

    Alex Gaspar November 1, 2016
    Help me practice anywhere I go. Keeps me #

    Crystal Cameron October 31, 2016
    Learned to read sheet music in a week! Love this. A real brain stretcher

    Carlos Jusem October 23, 2016
    For beginners

    Fernando Rivera December 31, 2016
    Very nice app. You can practice anywhere at your own pace.

    Developer Leonid Arefev January 3, 2017 Thanks!

    Darrell Binkley December 14, 2016
    It will teach to sight read. At level three and still learning.Great!!!!

    UnknownOctober 3, 2016

    Colin buttler October 12, 2016

    Developer Leonid Arefev October 17, 2016 Днище