Pop Bird Deluxe

Pop Bird Deluxe is an exciting game, the interface and the effect of cool.


The aids kick me off me game 5 time got back on the game 2 minuteskickedme off.the same aid every time

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Pop Bird Deluxe is an exciting game, the interface and the effect of cool, classic mobile phone game. Pop Bird Deluxe Android version, if you play, you can’t leave it!
Pop Bird Deluxe is a very interesting game, is very popular in the iPhone, now it is transplanted to the Android.
Pop Bird Deluxe is a time without the limitation of all ages game.
Pop Bird Deluxe is a evoke our beautiful childhood, youth is always worth of playback classic game, gorgeous meteor moment, dream fly!
—=== Game Introduction ===—
– Simply click on two or more blocks of the same color.
– There is no time limit, but each stage has the target point for the next phase.
– Infinity Challenge mode just to challenge the limits.
– Keep in mind that only the following two rules:
1. You pop pieces, you will get more score
2. Try to clear all blocks, you will get more bonus points

—=== Features Introduction ===—
Pop Bird Deluxe most classic play, innovative design, gorgeous interesting picture design, perfect support for any Android phone rage super fun game.
What are you waiting for? Download now experience the most classic fun!
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What’s New

game improvements.

App Name Pop Bird Deluxe
Developer Enjoy Game
Requirements Android 2.3 and up
Package com.joygame.popbirddeluxe

User reviews

Debra Houghton June 9, 2017
The aids kick me off me game 5 time got back on the game 2 minuteskickedme off.the same aid every time

limbad sanjay December 27, 2015
It’s a nice game but hangs my phone still It’s OK

Karen White December 9, 2016
It’s frustrating but addicting

Eltefat lotfi October 17, 2015
آری…صددرصد بازی فوق العاده جالبی هست اززحمت عزیزان تشکر میکنم.. واقعآجالب میباشد

سام احمدی October 30, 2016
خیلی بازی خوبیه فقط ایرادش اینه که تنظیمات نداره که صداشو رو offگزاشت

Beverly Recchiuti November 17, 2016
If you lose, it starts you back at level 1. That sucks. Uninstalling

Anna October 25, 2015
360 Security found this game to be adware!!!

Gurdeep vinjhrat Singh January 21, 2017
Its very much nice game

Anuricha Patel July 31, 2015
Why it was not working please say

Chinonye Onuoha February 25, 2017
Cool and enjoyable game

Yusuf Rahi April 20, 2017
All time my favourite game

ivan chevaro suba May 24, 2016
I love this game

UnknownJune 12, 2017
Just for time pass. It’s ok

UnknownMay 24, 2017
Aku suka game ini

suresh kumar January 21, 2017

Mukesh Kumar Pandey June 20, 2016
Excellent game

Ha Jo November 13, 2015

Sear korann February 5, 2016

Ayan Khan August 23, 2015
Good game

UnknownJuly 10, 2017
I like it.

UnknownOctober 9, 2017
I have good time pass with the game

Sander Gador Gador September 16, 2015

Raha Mohamadi April 13, 2016

Abdul rehman June 30, 2017
Bad game

Kiran Kumar September 2, 2015

UnknownOctober 24, 2017
Very good game

Parvathi Lova October 7, 2017

Jereesh Yousuf February 7, 2017

joan baar July 13, 2015
Love it

Ramesh Kannan A July 11, 2015

Patricia Calhoun October 16, 2014
Cause it’s nothing like popcatyou can at lest have other cat in the corner to make the game more exciting.

Julie Hartley November 11, 2014
Is good game sometimes colors dont come doen so is sometimes frustrating but overall good

Mohd Jani March 19, 2015
Is a flly timepass game and full enjoyment is great

Manoj Dhasmana June 8, 2015
Worst game ever

Ali Atayi May 3, 2015
ویروس دارد این برنامه ویروس داره

Nurane Cavadli July 19, 2014
Oyun tafsiye ederim

rohit pujari April 11, 2015
How many ads

bridge stone May 18, 2014
Enjoy excellent!

Farooq Mohammad April 16, 2015

Rotha You July 24, 2014