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Iter 是一款2D的音樂節奏遊戲。故事讓你跟著主角:旅人去探索被魔法撕裂的世界。鍵盤式音樂遊戲,精緻插畫、豐富劇情、多種曲風,按鈕變形由你來操作!


基本上 音樂和畫圖是不錯的 裡面的小鳥超可愛的 可是如果加多一個回去目錄的按鍵會更加方便(從選歌單回到開始那個地方) 所以改換小鳥的負責與去設定可以變得更加方便 期待下次的更新

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    Wings Of Piano琴之翼 September 23, 2017
    基本上 音樂和畫圖是不錯的 裡面的小鳥超可愛的 可是如果加多一個回去目錄的按鍵會更加方便(從選歌單回到開始那個地方) 所以改換小鳥的負責與去設定可以變得更加方便 期待下次的更新

    Jev April 16, 2017
    Its like Deemo, my bad its in japanese and we don’t have an english version

    Anna February 6, 2017
    I’m really sad, it looks really fun but all the story and dialogue is in Japanese. Really hope to see English translations.

    モノクロバグのこな January 26, 2017
    希望按鍵的格子大一點((手指太粗# 個人覺得單音符像滑鍵那樣有不同的顏色會比較好一點 但總體來將還不錯(*^^)b

    Ng Wan Ting January 21, 2017
    Hope to see English translation soon.Liked the graphics.And unlike other reviews it didn’t crash on me so that’s good.

    Peter Brown January 21, 2017
    The game crashes before I can even play it.

    Hidden Face February 1, 2017
    I cant play it, it keeps on crashing before I can even play nor push the start button

    The RidGuy March 1, 2017
    这个游戏可以说是我玩过最轻松的游戏,继续保持下去,只是想建议些东西 1, 可以增加’重复教学’ 方便可以清楚知道各种格子的方式 2, 可以把格子增大点 3, 可以添加多点语音

    zainysh monrouzeau February 17, 2017
    The game won’t let me play, it sends me back to home screen

    brian huynh January 20, 2017
    App crashes in the opening screen

    Schneelaun R February 3, 2017
    App wont play in my vivo Y21 crashed

    KH You February 3, 2017

    sheynee chin February 21, 2017
    the keyboard is way too small for me but the music and graphic is good though.

    Nicole M May 24, 2017
    Doesn’t load. Update.

    Georgette Salih January 18, 2017
    It looks awesome it’s just not starting for me so

    Fa Ksm_Psb March 7, 2017
    can’t play. how sad ??

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    process 1.2.1

    process 1.2.1

    A number of countries and a wide range of biological racial composition of the culture of the world. Various countries in different ways exist in this world, and recorded in ancient books in the world.
    Magic travelers follow the book in the hands of world records, travel between the various countries, the national record of knowledge, and to offer blessings to the music to the land.
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