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I’ve been playing this game for more than I dare to say, but over 5 years. It’s been the only game app on my phone for quite some time, and this is all one needs. The thrill, the aventure, the suspens, it has it all.Sure, the interface is crappy, but eh. (Suggestions include : a slider for speed, inserting instructions, stack display, forum integration,…)

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Over 1024 levels from very easy 1 minute ones to extremely hard, which could take hours to solve.

RoboZZle is a cool programming puzzle game invented by Igor Ostrovsky. Your program will control a robot to collect all items from 2D tri-colored field. You can move, turn, repaint cells and call very short (in most cases) functions.

So, you need three instruments to solve robozzles: your mind, your hands, and recursion!

First time player, I recommend you to pass site-based tutorial at (which can be done from Windows PC only), since help screen currently contains only textual description.

NOTE: This game is known to crash on start on some Lenovo devices!
NOTE: The game has a known bug, that prevents it from running on devices, where system interface is set to Turkish.
NOTE: This is the 3rd prerelease of an offline client to website and the first version that can synchronize your solutions with

This program tries to be ad-supported. You can stop ads from appearing by donating via Settings -> Donate

Feel free to leave some feature requests on the web site.

What’s New
+ enable moving app to SD card
* research telemetry now removes some ads
+ search by name
* fixed missing puzzles
+ (optional) telemetry for AI project
* step limit no longer ignored (thanks Goetz for reporting)
* support devices without hardware menu button
+ achievements
* improved support for low memory devices
* improved solutions can now be sent to the server via Share Solutions
+ donate button (making a donation hides ads forever)

App Name RoboZZle Droid
Developer l0st
Requirements Android Varies with device
Package com.team242.robozzle

User reviews

Michaël Cadilhac September 18, 2017
I’ve been playing this game for more than I dare to say, but over 5 years. It’s been the only game app on my phone for quite some time, and this is all one needs. The thrill, the aventure, the suspens, it has it all.Sure, the interface is crappy, but eh. (Suggestions include : a slider for speed, inserting instructions, stack display, forum integration,…)

Nathan L May 24, 2017
Great fun but needs more of gradual difficulty increase. Seems that you can’t complete some of the puzzles due to either poor puzzle build or lack of explication on how/when to use the functions. Told a couple of buddies about it since its a great idea. Light lightbot but slightly more advanced.

Developer l0st July 25, 2017 Hi Nathan! All puzzles are validated to be completable on upload. Some of them are really tough though. I myself did not solve a couple of really hard ones.

Peter Parker October 20, 2016
beim Nachladen neuer Puzzle wird das Programm immer größer. Leider kann das Programm nicht auf die SD karte verschoben werden. Es ist bei mir jetzt zu groß. Bitte beheben. Ansonsten ist es ein Top Knobelspiel !!!!when reloading new puzzle, the program is growing. Unfortunately, the program can not be moved to the SD card. It is now too big for me. Please fix. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, it is a top puzzle game !!!!Doesn’t sync with my robozzle Id on web ?

Developer l0st October 28, 2016 Does it report any error when trying to sync?

Michighan Le Dauphin March 3, 2017
Really cool game

UnknownAugust 10, 2017
It helps us think logically ?

Irene Vuyiswa Joyce Mkhosi January 8, 2017
Love it….

Ivy League Potential July 19, 2017
Very good

Igor Kulkin March 11, 2017
Simple yet very addictive. This is a puzzle games that involves some simple programming. And it’s one of the better mobile games I’ve seen.

Luiza Georgieva May 12, 2016
Is there a way to execute step by step?

Developer l0st May 13, 2016 Triangle + bar button to the right of Stop should do exactly that

Tejas Tez November 5, 2016
Amazing game for programmers…

Alex Phone December 4, 2015
Thank you for such good game. The sad news that i can’t find any button on my Asus ZenFone5. So I couldn’t made any option change, donate, synchronize. Please, fix it.UPD: on newest Android versions there are no hardware menu button. Only virtual menu button

Developer l0st December 4, 2015 You probably need to hold one of the hardware buttons.

Stellated Hexahedron February 19, 2016
From what I’ve seen of it so far, this game has interesting puzzles, and doesnt suffer from the interfface problems that plague so many of its mobile colleagues. The only trouble is, I can only access 6 of the puzzles. What’s the deal with that? EDIT: Ah, I see, thank you! Altho, you should probably give it its own touch screen buttons

Developer l0st February 18, 2016 Can you try Sync options in the menu? If you don’t see the menu, and don’t have hardware menu button, try holding one of the buttons you have (usually home or app switch).

Sing Sync April 16, 2015
First you have to figure out a path to traverse the puzzles. Sometimes this is obvious; other times it’s not.After that, you then try to write the program to walk the path. This ranges from trivial to very tricky.Oddly, this game promotes bad programming practices: using recursion when a loop suffices, and not ending the program nicely (most solutions leave junk on the stack).

Paul Brauner September 24, 2014
Loved this game on the web, love it on mobile. I wish there was a way to change the execution speed: I’d like to test my programs faster.EDIT: Ah there’s a way (see answer). Cool!

Developer l0st September 23, 2014 If you hold your finger on puzzle while it’s running, it will run faster

Nick Beyer September 10, 2014
Fun, hard logic puzzler. Highly recommended for programmers/computer science students.

Rajanish Ranjan November 30, 2014
All is nice except for synchronising new takes a lot of time and even not sure that they will come or not..! Plz do somthing for this..!

A Google User August 13, 2014
One of the best game I know

Bruce Reeler January 18, 2015
To understand recursion, first you must understand recursion.

Plamen Petrov January 1, 2015
Hard puzzle game, highly recommended for computer programmers!

Clickbait Content March 12, 2015
Doesn’t work

Srivani durgi November 29, 2014
Best for recursion lovers

abid bodal January 18, 2014
The game is fun and challenging, but the Android UI isn’t good, it’s difficult to stop at specific points to figure out errors in the Algorithm. It would’ve been nice if it had user logins so I could same my levels between devices

Developer l0st January 20, 2014 Breakpoint mechanics does not work for you? If you are in editing mode, you can click on any field, and it will become a breakpoint. After launch, program will pause at this field.You can provide your credentials in settings on the main screen. You have to register first at

Zachary St Lawrence August 10, 2013
First puzzle game which has fully engaged my brain.Don’t be put off by the rudimentary graphics. There is some serious gameplay for thinkers

Yiğit Uyan July 8, 2013
This game is Awesome! I’ve been playing it for a while in PC and I’ve recently downloaded the Android version. Unfortunately this version does not sync the accounts! Fix the issue and I’ll give 5 stars.

Developer l0st July 10, 2013 You mean synchronization does not work, or you have not found where to enter login and password for in settings? If it is the first case, than what is not synchronized exactly? I only have solved puzzle synchronization + solution submission.

A Google User February 22, 2013
This game rocks. Also try Robot Trainer in the market place to play more levels after you finish these.

Scott Light June 21, 2014
My 7 year old is having lot of fun with this game, and she’s learning some programming concepts. She needs help, but it’s a great way to teach simple programming.

S. Poivron July 30, 2013
The lack of tutorial to help learn new coding structure is limiting the potential of this game. Besides that it’s as Great as it is simple.

UnknownOctober 8, 2013
A game all programmers should play

Rohit Singh December 12, 2013
This is “”THE BEST””

R ene February 16, 2014

A Google User November 8, 2012
I have only 3 issues: 1. FF doesn’t work (for long puzzles). 2. was fixed 3. was fixed.

A Google User November 20, 2012
Superb concept! Implementation is satisfactory, but I’d like to see the tutorial/campaign sections integrated and a slightly larger input interface.

A Google User April 22, 2012
This is a fantastic game for geeky programmer types like myself ? The developer just fixed the red/blue bug in the program logic and scored major brownie points by responding to my email regarding the bug – the error reporting system works, and l0st works well with that system. Thanks for the prompt response and bug fixing update, l0st!

A Google User May 11, 2012
This is not fun. There is only one solution for the levels. No room for imagination or whimsy.

A Google User April 8, 2012
I like this game a lot, but the interface is small and certain levels are glitched to the point of unsolvability. At least one level does not save blue colored functions, for example.

Developer l0st March 24, 2016 Lack of blue colored functions might be a part of level challenge.

A Google User March 29, 2012
Very nice. You are on the right track

A Google User February 23, 2012
This game is madd. I’ve been a programmer for a few years now, and this game really makes you remember what you know in new, amazing and challenging ways.

A Google User March 20, 2012
been looking for games like this

A Google User November 18, 2011
Get an account on robozzle and start solving

A Google User October 16, 2011
Very fun game