Slaughter Horse 1.5.0

A grimdark mystery game… with magical horses


This fame is Great! over tome i have goten very good at the game and enjoy the chalange modes and the stragigy of the game! the only current problems arr that i encoutered a temporaroly reocouring “bug”(pun intended) where the changeling aueen would given away by her portrate backround dissapering as she was disguized. also, on a diffrent note, there is no way to get on the internet and find a hosted game withought a code. can there be a Multiplayer mode where players can quence up and find a hosted game at random? thanks!☆☆☆☆☆

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E. ve September 16, 2017
This fame is Great! over tome i have goten very good at the game and enjoy the chalange modes and the stragigy of the game! the only current problems arr that i encoutered a temporaroly reocouring “bug”(pun intended) where the changeling aueen would given away by her portrate backround dissapering as she was disguized. also, on a diffrent note, there is no way to get on the internet and find a hosted game withought a code. can there be a Multiplayer mode where players can quence up and find a hosted game at random? thanks!☆☆☆☆☆

Dark nal September 12, 2017
OKKKK, I am officially IMPRESSED!!! I didn’t think much going into this game (I mainly tried it out because I was bored) but my gosh! IT IS AWESOME!!! It is so tense and it is no walk in the park, you have to plan and sceme carefully or you are going to loose, (it’s a miracle if I can finish the game with two ponies left alive)! Absolutely awesome and fun, no regrets downloading this game! I do have a few new features that I would love to see added to the game but this comment is already very long and I have no guarantee that you (the developer) will read this so I’ll email my ideas to you. So once again great game and to you Google Play players out there, if you like a game that keeps you on your toes and has some hard detective work thrown in, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!

ponyhidden September 12, 2017
Love single player Town of Salem + ponies. Has a few game breaking bugs, sometimes ponies completely disappear from the villager list. If they were a power role I lose the button to select them. If they are evil I know right away as no buttons missing. Feels like it always happens to the queen, nurse, and watchpony but easily could be broader. If these are ever fixed, 5 stars!

Orange Army Lieutenant July 25, 2017
I’m in love! This game is SUPER fun. It is a very difficult puzzle game, but extremely addicting. I would have liked a tutorial to explain the killers a bit more, but other than that, I can’t complain about anything. I don’t really like having to need an ID number to join a multiplayer match, and I tried joining a local match, but couldn’t find one. All that aside, this game is amazing. Cudos to you

Developer Rare Steak Gaming July 25, 2017 Multiplayer will be much better next update. On the title screen press your devices back button to get an options screen. This includes an explanation about all the roles!

Ceruleannè JayBirdian August 16, 2017
OH MY GOODNESS. This games is absolutely wonderful for people who love to analyze clues and find evidence. Crime, horror, and a tad of drama. It’s all there. Making custom ponies is also very fun. Being able to customize things is highly important for a good game like this. And I love the music, atmosphere, and the graphics are nice. This game is hard, and unpredictable. It’s great to work your brain on. Thank for this amazing game, I played it before it was even called Slaughter Horse.

Helios The Moon August 26, 2017
Great game to be honest! It being MLP caught me off guard, but the game is lots of fun!Maybe add more challenges, since they really spice it up. Example someone may be able to flee death at execution, they may be innocent or not.Just an idea, looking forward to Multiplayer and make thee GUI look good for it!

LUHVCLUB July 26, 2017
This is a very nice, challenging game. The music makes the atmosphere creepy and the graphics add to that. The gameplay is very interesting and its a great time killer. The only problem I have is that sometimes I’ll go in to select custom ponies and a random pony that I most definitely didn’t even try to select will be selected. Usually its Custom Pony 16, but it can vary. This is a very minor glitch and doesn’t interfere with the gameplay too much, but I figured I’d let you know that I’ve had this problem in the past. Overall, the game is great. I would and have considered recommending this my friends. Very nice.

Rachelle Sams October 11, 2017
While I am impressed and really love the game, multi-player doesn’t seem to work well for me. It did originally, but now when I play with my sister as the villain, I don’t recieve the notes or evidence I should be getting from my Queen, Drone, Forger or Consort. Like I said, it used to work but now it doesnt… Nevermind, we had each other reinstall our games and now it works, I think…

Denisa Craciun September 23, 2017
great game! i played it before when it was named Pinkarella (still don’t understand why Hasbro copyrighted Pinkamena). but you could use some features: – online games,like,not local,but you can play with players around the world,and each would have a role (like Town of Salem)? – maybe some cutscenes? – more roles? either way,it’s a great game and i really like it!!

Maja Gluchowska September 10, 2017
Nice one,but a few begs-:)?1.can ya add male ponies?this does not feel right when only females are alive? 2.can you try adding more,i don’t know,custom elements?hairs for example? 3.can the story be custom,maybe a fraction of it?Please?Very enjoyable game,really.loved the ver before-pinkamena was cool,pinkarella now is really weird,but we will get used to it.good job.

Jasmine Starkey-Williams July 19, 2017
This game is very hard!And not for the people that don’t like puzzle games, nor are good at them.But I quite enjoyed it.It gives me chills up my spine and make my stomach tense.Very hard to win as of almost all puzzle games, but playable.When i was younger, i was a big fan of my little pony, and it relates to this game a lot.

Thebluewhisker August 25, 2017
Been playing this for a little bit and its very fun. I love how you command people but don’t know their identities and you might end up killing your own people. A suggestion I have is that there should be more roles so you don’t know all the roles in the match.

Sega Solaire July 22, 2017
My only problem with this game is, me and my friends cannot get the Internet games to work, we sit in the multiplayer screen looking at it saying searching for host game… we sat like this for 30 minutes before finally giving up… we tried 3 different hosts and wouldn’t work… are we doing something wrong?

Developer Rare Steak Gaming July 22, 2017 No, it’s borked at the moment. I am completely rewriting the multiplayer and with luck it’ll be all fixed for the next update.

Holo Pearl July 26, 2017
GlitchesOccasionally buttons will dissapearand you wont be able to select either the role or the pony.Also (Note: I had all modes on (goin’ for those achevs))I’ll put a body guard on myself, a consort usuallycomes for me, the body guard kills the consort anddies, but Iend up dying too? I should be protected.

Emkay September 12, 2017
The game is really wonderful, simple controls and graphics wise. Although there appears to be a bug where the frame would be gone and I wouldn’t be able to select the pony (happened to be the Changeling Queen a few times). I introduced this game to my friend who loved Town of Salem, but when we tried to play multiplayer we both couldn’t connect to games hosted by one another and we’re a little disappointed, but I understand multiplayer for this version isn’t working very well so we’re looking forward to the next update which will help with this issue:) Keep it up! Edit: There’s also this bug where my gumshoe reports that the investigated is veteran, bodyguard or queen, but when I review evidence it changes to drone or reporter. Has happened twice and I’ve learnt to listen to the evidence.

Chris Becerra July 25, 2017
Awesome logical puzzle and at times grim mystery. This game is an immense time killer. I’ve spent hours just playing this game and analyzing clues to whodunnits of the game. I don’t really care for my little pony, but when I stumbled upon a game like this, I had to download it. I would recommend if your into mystery and heavy turn based strategy.

Ncd Gamer Boy September 24, 2017
I think this game is the best. I can’t play kira so this is second best. I have loved it. I get bored easily but this game is a surprise every time. I have never felt like I belonged any where, until I played this gorgeous amazing game. I know it sound’s weird but its true. ❤ ? ????

Rene Lopez September 15, 2017
First and only review I’ve made for an app and I have to say it’s because the game really thrilled me. I am not a fan of these types of games but the speed at which the game proceeds is madness, keeps me on the edge at all times. I simply loved the game!

Cassandra Chew October 12, 2017
Highly addictive! Every decision made is so intense! Haven’t tried out wifi mode yet but for the offline mode it defintely deserves 5 stars. Still there are some glitches where sometimes the pony could not be selected although it still alives.

Hey Its Jay July 17, 2017
Love the game quite a bit, very grim and mysterious I’m in love! May I ask thou, is there a way I can get some tips on the game like what exactly is every pony good for? I’m searching online for a bit of gameplay or for some tips but find nothing… Really want to do a flawless victory, but for that I need to know what are my workers good for hehe thank you tons thou and keep it up!

Developer Rare Steak Gaming July 18, 2017 If you press your back button on the title screen, you get a menu which includes full role descriptions for all the characters. That might help!

Chilly Ice August 17, 2017
Usually, I’m very picky about what games I play. But I am SO glad that I found this game. The whole concept of it is just brilliant. But I’d like to suggest; can you make it possible to play as the Changelings in single player? I really enjoy seeing the Changelings point of view.

Enrico Cool October 17, 2017
A difference Town of Salem version for single player / 2 players versus. Unique gameplay, nice music, andcool graphic. How could i resist this? 11/10PS : What do u think about ToS : Coven ? ? Edit : thanks for replied me, do u mind to invite me in ToS ? My username is EnricoCool

Developer Rare Steak Gaming July 4, 2017 Sure, I’ll add you on next time ^_^

Azemtharine August 4, 2017
Let me start by saying I’m not a brony, but this is a really good game. While I wish online quick play was possible, single player mode is simple yet challenging, and the challenges in the main menu add a good twist to the regular gameplay. The only thing this game needs is servers so you can play with random people online.

Developer Rare Steak Gaming August 4, 2017 That should hopefully be added next update. Thanks!

Corvo Attano August 21, 2017
Read the description and thought it was the stupidest thing in the world. I then started playing it and did not stop for an hour. This game is simplistic, but with a lot of depth to it. Can’t wait for a second one or an update or something, but for the mean time, I’m content with this. Great job. I mean it.

ereina jeagar August 21, 2017
This game is absolutely amazing. I love this game! Its one of my favorites so far. I was reading the report from the first day and i read the part where the captain talked about his love for the princess and his “darling chloe”. I had a thought for a new challenge in “challenge mode”. Perhaps this chloe could could be added to the game if the player would like. Giving more tenstion and stress to the captain (player) because he not only has to watch out for the ponies but he must protect his loved one chloe being as vulnerable as anyone. If chloe is killed the game will automatically be over. Its a dumb idea really. I just thought the idea should be put out there. keep up the good work creator ?

Đậng Đăng Quang July 27, 2017
This gaming is amazing! I rarely rate a game but this is a true gem. I’ve found a bug though. Sometimes when I killed both the Pinkarela and Changling Drone, another Changeling (most of the time Changeling Queen) becomes a blank space and untargettable (and all I have to do is to execute that pony the next day, but it seems like cheating). Please fix this bug. I would suggest this to any Mafia or Werewolf fan.

Zathy August 18, 2017
Great game! Always been fan of these kind of games… and because of that… well.. Against All Odds! -achievement was easy peasy. Also few bugs countered about untargetable ponies when you kill 2 hostiles at same night, usually hostile ones becomes untargetable the very next day.

Dylan Taheri August 5, 2017
Its a fun game. Not much to say after that. However I have 2 suggestions. Firstly, in multiplayer, playing as the changelings is rather dull. There isn’t nearly enough thinking as there are playing ponies. I can’t blame you for it since I can’t figure out how to fix it either, but it would be good if you can. Maybe add another changeling Role? Also this next thing is just a preferemce, but could male custom ponies be added in the future? Again, personal preference, but I like making both female AND male characters, and I don’t think anyone would complain for being able to make a male character.

Anika Kobilarov October 2, 2017
I looked at this game at first thinking it would be another one of those games that were a waste of my time. I was wrong. This game is so much fun! You dont have to be a pony lover to play this game. I love the challenge modes, especially the “Make it personal” challenge. Once I tried all challenges at once and lets just say it didnt end well for me. You feel great when you succeed to lynch one of the villians, but then feel more cautious with maybe only 4 ponies left.

Zachary Vandeventer August 24, 2017
The graphics get a little wonky once in a while. The pony buttons, the whites of the eyes, and the coat seem to randomly disappear during gameplay. Otherwise, this game has well polished mechanics

Deborah Eckert August 17, 2017
Was this once named Pinkameania ? I remember having a game like this last year, then I installed it, because it too to much space. Multiplayer never works. But the thing I really want to know is, why did you change the name?

Developer Rare Steak Gaming August 17, 2017 Copyright strike!

Lord John Benedict Pinpin October 17, 2017
It would be a 5 but there are some bugs with disappearing things. The background of a pony disappeared and I couldn’t pick them, even if they were still alive. At one point, the nurse’s button completely disappeared, which made me lose the game. The game is still fantastic, I just wish the bugs would be fixed.

Kiero Vance™ October 17, 2017
The funny thing is I still somehow have pinkamena on my phone, and can still play it, so now I have that, AND this, lol, but oh well, I get that things happen, just glad to check out this to see what actually happened to the game just having no updates XD! Either way, good game, even if the title is different.

Brittany Puggo September 2, 2017
Murder Horse is an excellent single player spin on the game Mafia, or Town of Salem as it goes online. I love the MLP:FiM vibe of the game, and making custom ponies is pretty fun. I wish I could also make male ponies!The game is pretty random and takes awhile to win, which is fun, when you get the hang of it, it’s great switching things up with challenge modes. I’m kind of unsure what some roles do though, and wish that was a little more clear. Most of them are simple, but I don’t exactly know what the Party Pony exactly does.It’s great fun and an excellent time killer. I hope eventually to be able to go online with random people instead of having to host.

Eric Hoselton September 16, 2017
Love the atmosphere, love the gameplay. Nice little balance of chance and working with what you got left. Fun to drop in and get a quick game in. A few glitches, like the nurse stops working even though alive, and once i was only given 2 actions instead of three (that is a game mode, btw. A fun challenge, too)Long story short, i likes the game enough to buy “no ads”, and it is great for a late night play. Assuming you are into poniez.

An Aspiring Roblox Youtuber October 14, 2017
Its a fun and addicting game. I always like having to figure out who the bad guy is, just do you think you could add multiplayer lobby’s and an option to play as a bad guy?

William Schmidt August 17, 2017
Very good! I love this game. The multiplayer could maybe have an online room, where you pick a created pony/ a randomly generated one. You would be that pony/changeling, and others would be their pony/changeling. You would act without orders and give no orders, as would the others. You would still report to Captain Silvermane (who would be randomly chosen out of the pool), and he would make judge who to execute. This may be a lot of info to him, so maybe some letters wouldn’t make it through. The mule and the drunk are no longer characters, the spellcaster is now the one who curses ponies. Changeling Queen could be pretty much the same thing as the captain, until the normal requirements are met for her to kill. That’s my extremely complex idea to make multiplayer better.

Junia Pace August 10, 2017
This game is the best thing ever! When I accidentally deleted it I was sad. So I tried to gain it back…. It wasn’t there. I was crying all day until today, August 10,2017 I found it. It had a different title, I didn’t mind. I installed it then here it was, the best game in the world to me! (Along side with battle cats)

Daniel Saults October 2, 2017
Ponies may not be my thing, but this is still a very well done, strangely addictive solo Mafia style game with a surprisingly effective dark atmosphere. Some bugs or inaccuracies do crop up though. The instructions say jailed ponies get no notification if someone tries to get a them, which is false. I’ve also seen a jailed Pinkarella still murder someone, which makes the jailor apparently a little useless.

John Burgess October 9, 2017
This is a great, creepy, thematic puzzler. So far I’ve only played single-player as the multiplayer is kind of wonky at the moment. Five stars once we have easy-to-use matchmaking.

What’s New

* You can now play multiplayer remotely as well as on local wi-fi.
* Fixed a bug where jailor could jail herself and thereby become invulnerable!
* Fixed the custom ponies being weird black silhouettes at first
* Added a notice regarding the name change of the game.

Slaughter Horse 1.5.0

Slaughter Horse 1.5.0

This game was previously available on the Play Store under a different name. For copyright reasons, the name has had to be changed. However, apart from the name change, it is the same game uploaded by the same developer.
Please note that this game is a parody. No canon images are used and all character names and images are randomly generated.
“Slaughter Horse” is a single-player or local network two-player game based on the popular “Mafia” genre of games, such as Town of Salem or Werewolf.
You are Captain Silvermane, sent to a quiet little pony town by the Princess of the Sun herself to investigate reports of dark magic and murder.On arrival you find only a handful of terrified ponies remain. Among the innocent townsponies is a murderous gang of Changelings who have assumed pony form and are now working together to drain the innocents of their love to feed their insatiable Queen.
This process is fatal to the ponies, of course.
Bad as that is, you immediately realise there is an even worse threat in the town, an unstoppable force who will murder Pony and Changeling alike.
* Turn based grimdark strategy game – use the abilities of the remaining townsponies to uncover and execute the evil changelings and stop Pinkarella.
* Enemy AI – the Changelings will actively try to uncover the roles of the townsponies, eliminate the greatest threats and avoid danger if they can.
* Play as the ponies or the Changelings with a friend in two-player mode.
* Atmospheric graphics, music and sound.
* The character’s names, roles and avatars are randomly generated every game – no two games are ever alike!

Category: Strategy Game
Rating users: 148
Content rating: Everyone 10+
Download com.raresteak.slaughterhorse
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up