3D role playing game. like a Wizardry.


I do not understand what im soposed to do just shoe a bunch of stuff i dont know.

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Welcome back! Wizardry’s world!

3D role playing game. like a Wizardry.

Create a character from the eight class , the five race.

Six people formed a party, to defeat the evil wizard in the depths of the underground labyrinth that is the purpose.

With auto-mapping.
Two types of ad version and paid version can be downloaded.
This is a paid version without ads.

Or close to it is recommended resolution 800 * 480 or 480 * 854.
Depending on the resolution might be the layout of the screen is not displayed correctly.

Auto mapping, you can either use the “scroll the map,” they sell to the store, you can see the magic of “Mapper” to learn witch.
-Takeover data from the paid version, it is possible to save data to SD card.
-Expeditionary Force and the feedback will span midnight.

What’s New

Add Google+
Google Game Services.

Developer TaKa
Requirements Android 3.2 and up
Package com.wandroid.ofmo.f

User reviews

KILLER KILLER August 17, 2017
I do not understand what im soposed to do just shoe a bunch of stuff i dont know.

Anthony Lanzi September 2, 2015
The nostalgia is definitely there. Same controls, function, etc. I also like the new level layouts, for those of us that may remember the original maps, this helps keep things new and interesting.However, the code behind character creation only allows up to a bonus of 24, and also, during level up, 98% of the time, the max HP is 1. This makes the game immensely frustrating when going beyond level 5.In addition, the English translation is NOT great. If you want me to buy pay version, fix the issues first

UnknownJuly 4, 2017
Solid Wizardry clone. Pros: -Lightweight; takes little space & memory. -Medium length. -Expedition system is helpful. -Faithful Wizardry mechanics. -Fair challenge & difficulty. Cons: -Weapon variety could be improved; both ranged weapons & ninja gear are woefully limited. -English is functional but poor. Thankfully none of the ingame text is vital to solving a puzzle or whatnot.

James Paden July 28, 2017
It drops spells to three per level when you change classes, and gear for oriental classes are VERY hard to come by. Not as good as I first believed, frustrating in a dozen ways. People with anger issues should avoid it.

Daryl Gaines July 28, 2017
I played the original, and this is close, but not very good. Ninja and Samari gear is impossible to find and it strips your spells when you change class. I would not recommend it.

John FItzgerald January 17, 2017
For better or worse, it’s a classic crpg dungeon crawl with zero frills. Black and white lines, no real graphics, and barely any documentation. It was also exactly what I was looking for, and it handles fantastic on the phone. I strongly recommend this game for anyone looking for wizardry on the Android. Because this is it.

Ethan Roberts April 18, 2017
Is there a forum? Some how I ended up with negative gold and I have no idea how that happened. Besides this issue, I am having a lot of fun!

Hengki Kusuma Adi July 29, 2016
Not much to say now. I play Wizardry console port have excellent music. But Wandroid it’s more faithfully to Wizardry old computer version.

Steven Gierke October 16, 2016
Where can I find out how to make the other classes all I can make is the fighter,thief,wiz,priest,sage.

Justin Labiosa August 25, 2017
Ran around in a maze, tried to manage inventory, stumbled around in the dark,and hit a lot of walls and said ‘ouch’ for an hour. Then I uninstalled because: what is the point?

Michael Wilmes February 12, 2015
If you like first person, challenging old school maze rpgs, this is for you.

Paul Antinori March 16, 2016
Every time I try to go thru a door it says ouch.Why is that?

Jay Rurup March 16, 2017
It did not work would not let me make a created main character

Dan Schultz September 26, 2016
Reminds me of when i was a kid love it

Michael Cohen December 23, 2016
Can’t go through any doors, so useless, uninstalling.

William Currier October 17, 2015

Keisuke Kishida December 27, 2014
It’s a great app for those who knows Wizardry series. 欲を言えば、設定で言語を選べると有り難いです。スマホの言語が英語だと、日本語に出来ない。。。

Greg Klein January 11, 2015
Different version of wizardry. Wonderful game.

Dee Jay November 23, 2014
I have been playing Wizardry since AppleII days. This app is a great version of that game!!!!!!

Rickey Bertram October 12, 2014
This game takes me back to 1981 when I first played it. The only problem so far is the uncurse option does not work and now I am stuck with two cursed items. Also the English descriptions are not that great.

Brian Escobar October 19, 2014
Fyi the Sage class is made by having 12 INT and 12 PIE

Ed Walsh February 7, 2014
Wizardry was one of my favorite Apple II games and this is a decent approximation. It would be nice to have pictures of your opponents though.

E. Hodor August 12, 2013
Motorolla Droid RAZR & the NextBook (YIFANG NX008HI) – On both of these platforms, the game’s splash screen shows, and then the game starts.But when it starts, you are at the town menu to choose a location – NOT the character creation screen.The character creation screen looks like it is a window BEHIND the town window, but there’s no way to get to the character creation menu…every time I try, I end up at the configuration screen.Sadly, this is a very poor port of the game, and this should be looked into.

Franklin Tyler August 17, 2013
No pictures. I understand the potential copyright issues, but come on. I can’t play it without pictures. Even though the original only had static pictures of the monsters, that kind of made it for me. Add some images, and this will be a winner.

A Google User January 11, 2014
wizardry was why I bought my first apple computer. now I can play it on my phone ?

UnknownMay 28, 2013
Wonderfully original content that compliments the nostalgic feel of this Wizardry-inspired delight.There are only a few minor English grammatical errors/mistranslations; other than that, it’s simply fun!In hardest-core tradition, there are no ‘graphics’ — just line art for the mazes and menus, a grid-paper style map (once your party learns the spell…), and good old fashioned text.DEVELOPER REQUEST:PLEASE TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH MORE OF YOUR WANDROID GAMES!!!Oh, yeah… I rate 5 stars ?

Arthur Dennis January 2, 2013
Just started playing. It’s not quite the original but I am giving 5 stars just because I am glad to see someone putting some effort into keeping this classic game alive.

Christopher Theofilos April 10, 2013
Good job remaking a game with the spirit, if not an exact port. Some awesome translation errors. Isn’t a battery hog either, which is nice. Good job

James Dart May 5, 2013
I would like to see an English version of the Wiki. I love finding new equipment and weapons, but it is frustrating not knowing which item is better, etc. Keep IP the good work.

Roger Montgomery January 21, 2013
Played the original.This port lives up to the spirit of the original.

A Google User November 18, 2012
Really good made, you get the nice old school rpg feel, by the way on my phone its in english dont get why some people complain..

A Google User November 26, 2012
Almost perfect.

A Google User April 11, 2012
There is nothing here in English so I will have to uninstall it.

A Google User February 21, 2012
The only problem is its in Japanese! I had to uninstall it

A Google User April 21, 2012

A Google User November 3, 2012
Awesome. English translation. Feels machine translated but still. Missing a couple features. Good overall

Jacob Rothermel October 14, 2014
I could see having SO much fun with this game; if it weren’t so difficult to get out of the gate at the beginning.A FAQ, an introduction rulebook, or a run-down of the rules would be REALLY helpful.

Bryce Walton October 11, 2015
It’s a pretty straightforward clone of Wizardry. Does what it says on the tin, but nothing improved from a 30ish year old system.

David Dye May 10, 2015
but I’ve only been to the second level once and it was on accident.I have the first floor mapped but can’t find the stairs down!Maps don’t have stairs marked on them intentionally?

Chris Ondrizek February 26, 2013