War Z 2 0.1.214

Official sequel of Last Empire War Z


Words are all jumbled together,can’t read a lot of it. We’ve all played the first War Z, but for the sake of new players… tutorial is a horrendous joke. Idk, this seems to be the standard these days in games like this. Try at your own risk. I’m moving on to something else… something that works.

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War Z 2 screenshot
War Z 2 screenshot
War Z 2 screenshot
War Z 2 screenshot

    User reviews

    Kris Oberdick September 5, 2017
    Words are all jumbled together,can’t read a lot of it. We’ve all played the first War Z, but for the sake of new players… tutorial is a horrendous joke. Idk, this seems to be the standard these days in games like this. Try at your own risk. I’m moving on to something else… something that works.

    Ashley Countryman October 8, 2017
    I liked the game after they brought out gangsta zombies now they’re gone. Game developers won’t answer anyone’s questions. There is a rumor going around the game is being abandoned. DON’T SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME it would be pointless.

    Developer Neuron Network Limited July 19, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to fix this issue, it will be finished very soon. Thanks for your support and we wish you a good day.

    Victor Nwandu October 13, 2017
    My only problem with this game is that it’s usually hard to connect to server especially during important events like the Kill Event. I then lose alot because am locked out of the game. Please fix this problem with my connection to your server and I will give the game a 5 Star rating

    October 10, 2017
    Always crashing, can’t even login to my Facebook, that I have bound to my main account, spent money for month pass $25 bucks, when u get daily rewards for login and if you don’t,you lose them for that day, server had been down for about a day. Months of problems so much money spent and all lost..

    Michael Miller October 23, 2017
    spend months building up your troops only for a glitch in the game to wipe them out.there are so many bugs and glitches in this game, its not even worth it anymore. so frustrating.uninstalling

    Mael Del Mundo October 6, 2017
    Do not download this game. Developers left the game and are banning players who took advantage of bug that was reported to them several months ago. NO WARNING AND ALL JUST BANNING PLAYERS..FIX ALL YOUR BUGS AND DONT PENALIZE PLAYERS FOR YOUR SHORTCOMINGS

    Abhishek Haware October 10, 2017
    It used to be great game before they removed gangsta… its just boring now.. nothing to do now on this game. And other think they started banning people who used the bug without giving any initial warning to the gamers.. the bug is the shortcoming of the developers why the players are banned.. atleast a warning should be given to not use the bug… few of them i know did pay a lot for the development of the game.. used to buy packs every month.. dont install this game and DONT PAY TO THEM. These developers dont care

    Imran Azam October 9, 2017
    Hey developer you never reply me for my message on your coustmer service o want ask you banned me because I am illegal?However I used to much money on your gameI appeal you on Facebook but you don’t reply me before that I appeal you with email but not reply and know you banned me that is fair with all gamers.

    Leslie Williams September 2, 2017
    Once I started the game, I was immediately hooked!! I mean 4 hours felt like 20 minutes.. Damn where did that time went, oh by the way it drains the battery like its guzzling the power

    Glass Man October 13, 2017
    The developers of this game are third rated.. one of the most disgusting developers any app may expect. Please don’t waste your time in spending on this game. You will only end up with disappointment.

    Russ B September 3, 2017
    Game is okay but too many hackers selling rss to players who can afford to buy it. All other players don’t have a chance to be competitive and grow. For me that is serious problem and game development should be looking into that.

    THE LAZI September 18, 2017
    Still needs some polish, but a good game so far…More instructions would be helpful. And I never get the diamond for doing the review….EVER!C’mon!Ok that last time worked…NM we cool

    Chris Hengeveld September 27, 2017
    2 weeks without an update. Major oart of game is missing, Gangsta zombies… fix your game, or prepare for a mass exodus. People will leave becaise there isnt any dev support. Do yourself a favor peeps, dont download until they fix it… wasting your time as “wallet warriors” rule…Pics above for in game? Never seen those. Dont download and waste your time out. … so is my clan.#5 in our kingdom… sad.SORRY DEVS.

    Orodis TNO August 30, 2017
    It’s okay. Good graphics, barely lags and addictive too. Has some spelling mistakes here and there though. But I would not recommend this game to those with little free time for this game requires a great deal of attention! You might be attacked any minute. I’m probably being attacked right now. Anyway, excellent game! Good job, NNL! 4 out of 5 stars.

    Elmer Lee September 12, 2017
    Takes forever to get lv 16 units. You need to spend money to get better units otherwise all you do is collect and raid for a really long time to earn then. Also hate how I’m constantly raided.

    Don Schaum September 5, 2017
    The game is like real war.At times its very tedious as you go through the motions collecting resources . The game can get a little boring.THEN BAM! Your alarm goes off and you see a massive army descending on you and you have to prepare for the inevitable. As in real war, after you have been attacked it could take days to repair your base and get your troops out of the hospital. This is when you will have to call a war council in your alliance so you can get your SWEET SWEET REVENGE!This game goes hot to cold in seconds!THE ONLY REAL PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THE GAME is I wish there was away to resupply yors allies that have been crippled so that they can return to the war effort faster.

    Marcus Allen October 17, 2017
    The developers are no where to be found. Google needs to take this game off of play because the game is abandoned and all of us who spend our good earned money are not getting any updates and support. Damn shame they are just collecting money. They need to refund all of us. Do not download!

    October 20, 2017
    100 gems. For 5 stars. High price. Sometime game is hanging. And its saying. Thx cmdr. U r awake and we were ambushed and all vechile destroyed. Plz fix.

    BD.CLASH PLAYER October 12, 2017

    AldoandMJ October 18, 2017
    I have spent around $5000 on this game and I need to say I have never played a game online with this many glitches that are just left unfixed! Crashes, invalid this, invalid that! Not responding Half the time. Control buttons on top of other controls and so much more bad programing that over months has just been left broken! I think it’s time to move on and find some service. If you are playing for free then this game is great. If you are a spender, don’t waste your time. There are way better gaming companies to support! So sad!

    Scott Hogan September 17, 2017
    Devs left along time ago, EVERYONE is cheating and NOONE is doing anything about it. The pos developers STOLE tons of my money because they did nothing to fix this. THIS GAME IS BROKEN!! DO NOT INSTALL!!

    Tony Coats September 25, 2017
    this was a good game until the developers took Gangsta Zombies off…haven’t liked it much since. Probably trying to get players to buy diamonds instead of earning them… greedy I say ??

    saiyad ali September 7, 2017
    Great game…love the graphics as well as the combative environment thats created by the other players world wide!!! If you are into playing strategy/zombie/apocalyptic games then i would recommend you give this game a shot…vinaka

    Jason Gibbs September 24, 2017
    .started well. Full of cheaters and bugs. Your lucky if u can connect once a day! No support from developers to fix the issue and no way of feedback to them.

    chris michener August 28, 2017
    it’s a decent game it’s fun but extremely glitchy I have to restart about every five minutes and after every attack somedays, Ive lost out on so many resources and diamonds because of glitches and in game support is non existent but still it’s fun when it runs just glad I want stupid enough to spend any money

    October 3, 2017
    The game is full of hackers and cheats and the developers do not care about their costumers,so,do not download it,they only want your money. It’s a shame because it’s a really cool,even addictive game

    August 29, 2017
    Not happy with all the bugs in game have problems with 24 hour shield get zero after using 24hour shield pop after few hours not good happen more than once spend lots of money not happy.

    David Phillips September 2, 2017
    Takes to long to move to another zombie kill event not enough speed ups for building advancement most all events are just tap n the game plays without you

    Jared Kirchner October 1, 2017
    Game no good alliance use ghost attack no matter how many troops you got they can still steal resources with only sending alil army no worth playing

    Chucky H October 23, 2017
    Game is addictive and fun!!! But there are people who hacked the game got millions in troops illegally and killed troops that some earned honestly. Will they be returned? Besides all that this game rocks!

    Developer Neuron Network Limited October 7, 2016 Sir can you tell me more details about this?

    Josh Ricks October 20, 2017
    This game follows the same premise as most mmo games but the biggest problem is their glitches and contacting customer support.A lot of times you will get awarded items, and just never receive them.Or your hospital glitches,and instead of getting wounded troops they instantly die, which costs a lot of time and money to rebuild.Also, there are no descriptions as to what troops damage what, so you are constantly guessing.Also alliance points mysteriously disappear, so it’s a battle trying to buy things for your alliance to purchase.I could go on about how backwards the game is, from things not being cost effective,to things in the game simply not working.Game is mediocre at best

    Gaurav Kumar October 23, 2017
    I played this game. In the starting it was good but when I purchased items and after some days the game keep on showing network failure, and now the game is not opening, every time when I try to open the game it doesn’t open. Now how can I play the game if it doesn’t open my money is wasted because of this game?. I want to play it so kindly repair it.? And if it is not repaired then I will never ever play any game made by this company.

    Linda Jones September 21, 2017
    Thought game was cool until my account mysteriously became unbound from Facebook and can’t log back into the account. It’s been almost a month of emailing the developer to still get no response from your end and no compensation.

    EVERETT E August 27, 2017
    This game is good and addicted but recently there’s player using cheat engine to generate free resources and make the game play imbalance and unfair to other decent player, real money player starting to quit since the game master never resolve this issue after reported

    Developer Neuron Network Limited August 28, 2017 Hi, we already fixed this bug and we will never stop to cleaning any illegal players in our game. Thanks for your dear remind and we wish you a good day.

    berlanise September 17, 2017
    No developer around. The cheater rules the server. You can check the fb group we reported a lot with pictures and videos about thecheater. Ghost attacks who ignore your troops, base jumping to generate millions of resources.RIP

    Sara Benasutti October 1, 2017
    The gangsta zombies need to come back. Still a good game, but without those, not the best. Bring back the gangsta zombie rallies. Communication could be a little better…

    Angel Camacho October 2, 2017
    The badest game ever u actually get to fight zomvies. Its awesome. Finally a game where u dont only c the time moving but u actually have to fight and kill zomveis.

    ANKIT TIWARI August 26, 2017
    I want to be n top power rated killer …Awesome timepasser????????????? I love this game it not only play by mind but also by heart… Now i m the part of akatsuki (H12)This game create emotion drama everthing…i love this game..Any one want to join my family come and join H12ranking 33now we become powerful day by day…We are in homeland 12 as peace aggrement … I have many friends from India Usa UK Poland i make the friends all over the countryPlease increase star to 10 i want to give it 10 out of 10 because this game change my feelings emotion and make me a human being … Now i have my Big bro and my zaid kunal big daddy hurraa everyone

    Ing ingem August 23, 2017
    Nice to play but I cannot chat, read nd reply mail’s nd texts.. Annoying..Help Please?

    Dima Kochnev September 14, 2017
    I never played part 1 but the 2nd part very awesome one of the best zombie survivel games team up with factions and halp each other to grow stronger and kill zombies or distroy another player very fun addictev game I love it try it out mabe u guys will like it to nice job Creator’s so much crazy fun!!!!!

    What’s New

    Version 0.1.214 Update Announcement
    1 Daily Limited Task
    2 More 3D models
    3 Fix other bugs.

    War Z 2 0.1.214

    War Z 2 0.1.214

    War Z 2 is the challenge of courage and power in the world of crisis.
    Nuclear war has turned the world into a wasteland and zombies swept the area where you were. Family and friend were killed. Can’t connect anyone under completed news blackout.
    You must grasp the survival skills used to have, with determination, use all resources in the broken world to live. Together with people you met, get back to the normal world.
    living, revenging and killing them are your only goals now. Don’t let hatred blind your eyes, in the shadow behind zombies, many eyes staring at you……
    ☆ Kill zombies by your hands;
    ☆ Manufacturing weapons, against zombies and attack from other survivors effectively;
    ☆ Rise architectural level. Building will be more powerful;
    ☆ Search buildings in the wild map to collect or steal a variety of resources;
    ☆ Join the alliance, you can exchange and cooperate with other players, to help each other easier to survive;
    ☆ Games with real time, players can communicate with different alliance members over the world;
    ☆ Training several commanders for different situations.
    ☆ FREE social strategy games;

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    Rating users: 73,323
    Content rating: Teen
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    Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up