Perform Soft/Factory, Hard Reset Huawei Y7 Prime

If you’re having a lot of problems with your Huawei Y7 Prime, performing a factory reset may be the solution. So, today, we will explore how we can perform a factory and hard reset of Huawei Y7 Prime.

The Huawei Y7 Prime comes wrapped in a cool aluminium frame and features a 5.5-inch HD display with a resolution 720 x 1280 pixels at 267 PPI. To ensure that the users have access to uninterrupted entertainment, it is powered by a 4000 mAh, li-ion battery.

It has an Octa-Core 1.4 GHz processor coupled with 3GB of RAM and runs on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. It has an internal memory of 32GB and can be expanded to up to 256GB to store ample songs, videos, photos etc.

If your Huawei Y7 Prime is behaving stubbornly slow or unresponsive or perhaps you would like to set it up afresh, resetting or restoring your Huawei Y7 Prime will work. There is a simple method of resetting your Huawei Y7 Prime, we have listed some helpful tips to help guide you through the process.

Reset passcode or pattern lock Huawei Y7 Prime

  1. Log into Find My Device with your Google Account (email) and password.
  2. Select the Huawei Y7 Prime from the menu on the left.
  3. Select the Erase option from below the device information.
  4. Select the Erase Device button on the popup.
  5. Enter your Google Account password to confirm and send the task to your Huawei Y7 Prime.

Factory reset Huawei Y7 Prime from Settings

  1. Go into the “Settings“.
  2. Tap “Advanced settings“.
  3. Tap on “Backup & reset“.
  4. Tap on “Factory data reset“.
  5. Confirm you understand that all data will be erased by tapping on “Reset phone“.
  6. Next tap “Reset phone“.
  7. Your Huawei Y7 Prime will restart and begin the factory data reset.

Hard reset Huawei Y7 Prime via Recovery

  1. Ensure that the Huawei Y7 Prime is powered off.
  2. Press and hold the “Volume UP“, and “Power” buttons until you see the Huawei logo.
  3. Wait a few seconds into “Huawei eRecovery“.
  4. Select “Wipe data/Factory Reset“.
  5. And then confirm by choose “Wipe data/Factory Reset” again.
  6. Allow several seconds for the hard reset to complete.
  7. When finished, please tap “Reboot system” in Huawei eRecovery.
  8. Your Huawei Y7 Prime will now hard reset.

Wrapping Up

Huawei Y7 Prime is an affordable handset that comes with a lot of features. It has a great processor under the hood, that provides an excellent performance. Moreover, the presence of a big battery means you can always enjoy it to the fullest without worrying much about charging it very often.

If we’ve missed an easy way to keep your smartphone cool, or you have questions about something on this list, let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter. If you want to get more interesting tips such as bypass factory reset protection on Huawei Y7 Prime, please keep an eye on this blog.