How To Factory Reset Realme X Lite Recovery, Screen Lock

A factory reset can help resolve issues with your Realme X Lite if it gets stuck or freezes, runs slowly or encounters a problem which you cannot identify. In this tutorial, we’ll see how to hard and factory Realme X Lite.

The Realme X Lite features a 6.3 inches FHD+ IPS LCD display which exhibits a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels accompanied with a pixel density of 409 PPI.

The performance of the smartphone is driven by Octa-Core Qualcomm® Kryo™ 360 CPU, Octa core CPU processor mated to a 4GB RAM to take care of the multitasking needs. Additionality, an Adreno 616 GPU is present which to a great extent manages the graphical requirements. A key aspect of the processing configuration of the device is the inclusion of Snapdragon 710 chipset which adds to the performance level of the device.

Three Easy Ways to Reset Realme X Lite

You have bought the Realme X Lite but then you might experience a decrease in performance from the smartphone. It might even stop working completely. If this happens, it’s time to consider resetting the smartphone. However, you first need to learn how to reset the Realme X Lite.

All your Realme X Lite data will be deleted after resetting your phone, which is why you should make a complete backup of your phone.

Hard Reset Realme X Lite via Recovery

  1. Shut down your Realme X Lite completely by pressing the Power button.
  2. Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” keys.
  3. Then in the TWRP menu select the language “English“.
  4. After that, select the “Wipe Data” menu.
  5. Continue by selecting the option “Wipe data (Keep SMS, Contacts and Photos)“.
  6. After that you confirm by tapping the “OK” button.
  7. If the Wipe process is complete “Wiped Successfully” tap the “OK” button.
  8. You can select the option “Reboot“.
  9. Later the Realme X Lite will restart by itself and wait for the restart to finish in a few minutes.

Reset Screen Lock Realme X Lite

  1. Open Find My Device and then log in with your Google Account and password.
  2. Select the Realme X Lite from the top left hand corner of the menu.
  3. Choose the Erase option from the action menu.
  4. Select Erase Device to confirm.
  5. Enter your Google Account password to reset the Realme X Lite.

Factory Reset Realme X Lite via Settings

  1. Go into the Settings.
  2. Tap Additional settings.
  3. Tap on Backup & reset.
  4. Tap on Erase all data (factory data reset).
  5. Confirm you understand that all data will be erased by tapping on Erase Data.
  6. Your Realme X Lite will restart and begin the factory data reset.


The Realme X Lite is a mid-end phone featuring a great display and powerful configuration. It looks stunning with almost non-existent bezels on both the sides. The storage is ample and the battery is decent and efficiently powers this device throughout the day, but we feel it could have been a tad larger.

Hopefully now you will be able to get the most out of your Realme X Lite. If your phone is still not working, leave us a comment.

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