Methods to Customize Font in Xiaomi Without Root

Changing the font of your Xiaomi device is easy to do. There are two ways to customize the font on your Xiaomi which are customizing with a root method and without root method. If you want to use a new font with a root method it means you have to install the iFont app first. The complicated part when you are using this method is that you have to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP Recovery, and install SuperSU.

You can change the font in your Xiaomi devices without root method. This method is compatible for all types of Xiaomi devices including Note 3, Note 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi 6, Mi Max, Mi Note 2, Redmi 2, and many more.

To customize font without root method, you need to use a specific program such as Xiaomi theme manager.

How to Change Xiaomi phone’s font from Theme Store

  1. First, you need to open Theme Manager Xiaomi and on the search menu, type free or aafont.
  2. Menu of several Xiaomi fonts will pop up and next, you can choose View All.
  3. Choose your preferred font and click the green Download button and apply button respectively.
  4. Xiaomi font will be automatically changed to your preferred type. To reset to default font, just simply change the theme.

How to Change Xiaomi Font using ZFont App

  1. Find and install zFont app on Google Play first.
  2. Once the app installed in your Xiaomi phone, open the app and the interface will give you three menu options; regular font, colored font, and emoji.
  3. Choose Cool to see unique font options and you can choose the one you like. Click Download to download the preferred font. After download completed tap Set button.
  4. Option Font Changing model will pop up and then, choose Xiaomi (MIUI) and Method 3 (latest) respectively.
  5. Once applied, the font will make your Xiaomi display looks even better

The best part of using this program is that you can create your font. Then, you can upload the font on the official Xiaomi forum. As a result, the other users notify and use the font. Later, you can apply the font by managing it from the settings menu. You just need to follow the steps from the Xiaomi and get ready to use the new front. You need to do several steps and it might a little bit longer than customizing font with the root method.

The point is that you can change the default font on your Xiaomi into a new font and even you can create the font first. You can also change it with two different methods and it means you have an alternative and you just need to choose the best one to do.

In the end, you can use a new font and enjoy your Xiaomi device more personal than before. This type of activity also makes you more comfortable while using the Xiaomi device.

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