How to Change Android Whatsapp Theme With Iphone Theme Without Expiration

The WhatsApp app is a chat app that is currently widely used by Android users, not only teenagers, even now parents all have a WhatsApp account, of course because this WhatsApp app has many features and is easy to use by any age group. Even though there are many WhatsApp features, there is still 1 deficiency that is not yet in the official/original WhatsApp app, which is the theme feature. With this theme feature, we can usually change the appearance of an app so that it is cooler and more different

For those of you who want to change the Whatsapp theme to an IOS theme, you can’t use the original Whatsapp app but you have to use the modified version of the Whatsapp app, one of which is fouad Whatsapp. In this Fouad Whatsapp app you can change the appearance of your Android Whatsapp to be like Whatsapp ios with various themes ranging from white, black and colored themes with IOS nuances. Cool isn’t it? And 1 more Fouad Whatsapp app will not expire because it will be updated every time, and users will always be directed to download the latest version when there is an update

Immediately below is how to change the Android Whatsapp theme to the latest Whatsapp ios

How to Change Android Whatsapp Theme With iPhone Theme Without Expiration

For users curious about how to change Android Whatsapp theme with iPhone theme without expiration then you can see the tutorial below.

1. The first step, please download the Fouad Whatsapp app directly from the website at

2. After that, install the Fouad Whatsapp app on your phone, first uninstall the previous WhatsApp app

3. If it is already installed, please login using your Whatsapp number as usual

4. If you have arrived on the WhatsApp homepage, please tap More Options at the top right of the app

5. Choose YoMods

6. Tap FMThemes

7. Select Download YoThemes

8. Type in the search box the keyword “IOS”

9. There are lots of IOS themes for Whatsapp that you can choose, tap Install

10. Done

Now your Android Whatsapp can be installed with the IOS theme and it looks like this:

Note: To change the appearance of the Whatsapp story to be like an instagram story, please tap more options – yomods – homepage – header – activate story style like instagram

That’s my tutorial on How to Change the Android Whatsapp Theme With Iphone Themes Without Expiration, good luck

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