How to Change Display of Recent Android Apps to Iphone

As we know there are 3 navigation buttons on our Android phones. There is a back button, home button and recent app button. The back button is used to return to the previous page, the button to return to the main page of our smartphone and the recent app is used to see what apps we have opened. The app in the recent app has not been closed, so to be able to close an app permanently we can delete the app in the recent app. The appearance of recent apps on Android phones and iPhones is indeed different, there are lots of Android users who want to have an iPhone but can’t because the price is formed so many people are looking for how to change the appearance of their Android smartphone to be like an iPhone. Well this time I will share how to change the appearance of the recent Android app to be like an iPhone, unfortunately this ONLY WORKS for Samsung One UI smartphones only. So for those of you who have a Samsung One UI phone, you can practice this method to change the recent app display on your phone to be like an iPhone.

How to Change the Display of Recent Android Apps to Iphone

For those of you who are curious about how to change the display of recent Android apps to iPhone then you can see the tutorial below.

1. The first step, please open the Play Store and install the Fine Lock app.

2. After that open the Fine Lock app, then tap on the visit fine lock home page.

3. Select home up.

4. You will be directed to the home up download site, download and install home up.

5. After that, open the fine lock again.

6. Select Home Up.

7. Tap Open Anyway.

8. Tap Start, then allow all incoming permission requests.

9. After that Activate it in the home up section.

10. Select Task Changer.

11. In the layout type select stack.

12. Done, and the result is like this friend.

So that’s how to change the appearance of a recent Android app to an iPhone, I hope this tutorial is useful and good luck.

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