How to Change MIUI 12 Emoji to Latest IOS 14.6 Emoji without App

When we are chatting or updating our status, on our keyboard there will be a row of emojis that we can use, from laughing, crying, frowning, building emoji, food, etc. Emoji are usually used to describe our expressions when chatting or updating status. The display of emoji for each company is different, such as the emoji Facebook, Twitter, emoji Samsung, Apple, each of which has its own appearance, and the most considered good is the emoji Apple of course. Indeed, this iPhone / Apple emoji looks more realistic and looks elegant, for that many want to change the appearance of emoji on Android phones to be like the appearance of the iPhone emoji.

For Xiaomi smartphone users themselves, you don’t need to download additional apps to be able to change the appearance of the Xiaomi emoji to an iPhone because the default Xiaomi theme app has provided fonts that can be used to change Android emoji to iPhone. We can download and install this font for free. This time I will share how to change the Xiaomi emoji into the latest iOS version of the iPhone emoji, namely IOS 14.6.

How To Change Xiaomi Mobile Emoji To Emoji IOS 14.6 Without App

If users are curious about how to change Xiaomi mobile emoji to the latest ios 14.6 emoji without an app then you can see the information below.

1. The first step, please enter the default Xiaomi theme app.

2. Tap on the font menu.

3. Just write in the search box with the keyword IOS 14.6.

4. Select the IOS 14.6 font.

5. Tap Free, the font will be downloaded automatically, wait until the process is complete.

6. If you have tap Apply.

7. Tap Restart, then your Xiaomi phone will restart.

8. OK, after the phone restarts, the emoji on your Xiaomi Android phone has changed to the latest iPhone IOS 14.6 emoji.

So that’s how to change the Xiaomi phone emoji into the latest IOS 14.6 emoji without an app, hopefully it’s useful.

Read again some interesting information from other APKShort such as how to change Xiaomi emoji into ios 14 emoji without apps in the previous article. If you have other steps, then you can write them in the comments column below.

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