How to Download Alight Motion Pro on Android Free Effect No Watermark

Alight Motion is a video editing app for Android that has cool editing features, this app was released by Creative Inc. This Alight Motion app is already in the Play Store and we can download it for free but unfortunately for the version from the Play Store there will be a watermark when you edit a video from there and also the effects can’t be opened all of them, for that a lot of people are looking for a way how to download this alight motion pro app which is free of watermarks and their effects, all of which can be used.

Some of the features offered by Alight Motion:

• Multiple graphics, video and audio layers

• Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics right on your phone!)

• Visual effects and color correction

• Keyframe animation available for all settings

• Easing animation loosening for smoother movement: Choose from presets or create your own timing curve

• Speed-based motion blur

• Export MP4 video or animated GIF

• Solid color and gradient fill effects

• Border and shadow effects

• Group layers together

• Save your favorite elements for easy reuse in future projects

How to Download Alight Motion Pro on Android Free Effect No Watermark

If users are curious about how to download alight motion pro on Android free effect no watermark then you can see the tutorial as follows.

1. The first step, please open your mobile browser

2. Go to

3. There, please type the keyword “download alight motion pro”

4. Please select the article on the first line of

5. There, please tap the download link as shown in the image below

6. Tap on the Download Alight Motion Pro section as shown below

7. If you have, please install the Alight Motion Pro app as usual

Now, by installing and using the Alight Motion Pro app in the previous way, when you save a video there will be no watermark and you can use all the existing effects without having to pay first. So that ‘s how to download Alight Motion Pro on Android Free Effect No Watermark , hopefully it’s useful

If something is not clear, you can see in the video tutorial below

For other interesting information you can also see how to remove alight motion watermark without paying which have been discussed in previous tutorials that may be very useful for you. If you found this guide useful, let us know in the comments.