How to Enable Game Turbo on Xiaomi MIUI 11

In MIUI 11 there are several features that have been added to our smartphone settings, in the special features menu there is a turbo game menu, a second space and a quick reply. Well in this article I will discuss about the turbo game feature on Xiaomi phones, especially for Xiaomi MIUI 11. So the turbo game feature is a feature that can maximize your playing experience on Xiaomi phones because there are so many features in it such as the game booster feature, quick reply feature, screenshot feature, screen recorder, block notification and much more

Usually when you finish installing a game, the app / game will automatically enter the turbo game menu, so when you open the app it is equipped with the turbo game feature on your Xiaomi smartphone. In addition to automatic login, you can also manually add games and apps that you want to enter into the turbo game menu. You can access and view this turbo game feature in the settings menu – special feature – turbo game, there you can see any games from your smartphone that have entered the turbo game menu. Then what are the functions of the icon (menu) in this turbo game feature? Stay with us, you will get the answer here.

How to Enable Game Turbo on Xiaomi MIUI 11

For those of you who are curious about how to enable game turbo on Xiaomi MIUI 11 then you can see the guide as follows.

When you are already in a game, you can bring up the turbo game menu by sliding from the top left a short line to the right until the turbo game menu appears.

1. The Whatsapp, Facebook and browser icons are useful for quick access, so when you play a game and there is a Whatsapp chat or Facebook notification that comes in, you can open it directly from the menu without having to exit the game to open Whatsapp, Facebook and browser. This allows you to be able to reply to chat wa while playing games

2. The rocket icon functions as a game booster, to clean your memory so that the performance of the game is better

3. Scissor icon works for quick game screenshots

4. Camera icon works for game screen recorder

5. Square icon with slashes works to block floating notifications during game play

6. Wifi icon to select wifi connection during game play

7. Cellular data icon to select data connection during game play

8. The phone icon serves to turn off the screen without closing the game

This turbo gaming feature is available for Xiaomi MIUI 9 and above. So for those of you who have a Xiaomi phone with MIUI 9 version and above, you can enjoy the turbo game / gaming mode feature on Xiaomi phones. Surely this feature will be useful for those of you who like to play games on Android. That’s my tutorial on How to Activate Gaming Mode / Game Turbo on Xiaomi MIUI 11, I hope it’s useful

Read again some interesting information from other APKShort such as how to install the latest game turbo on Xiaomi MIUI 11 in the previous article. If you have other steps, then you can write them in the comments column below.

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