How To Get Unlimited Coins In Game Worms Zone

Worms Zone is one of the games that is currently booming. For 90’s children, you must have known the snake game on the old nokia cell phone. Well nowadays you can play Worms Zone games to play worm games. In this game you are required to survive by eating the available food besides that you also have to avoid collisions with other worms. Because if you collide with other worms then you will turn into food and become food for other worms and the game will be over unless you pay with coins to start the game again

In the Worms Zone game, coins are also available, usually you will get coins when you play. The coins you collect can usually be used to buy various kinds of worm equipment. You can also add coins by buying in the game. Well this way you can get a lot of coins without fear of running out. The trick is to use a modified version of the game worms zone. How to install it as below

How To Get Unlimited Coins In Game Worms Zone

For those of you who are curious about how to get unlimited coins in game worms zone then you can see the information below.

1. Uninstall the game worms zone from Play Store

2. Download the modified version of the game worms zone here

3. Install the game worms zone apk after downloading

4. Tap Install

5. Done, you can now use the game worms zone with a lot of coins, namely 10,000,000 and the coins will never run out. You can buy and unlock various kinds of worms in the game

So that’s how to get Unlimited Coins in Game Worms Zone easily, hopefully it’s useful

You also need to know about how to change the worms zone game background as previously explained by APKShort. If you have other steps, then you can write them in the comments column below.