How to Upload Videos to Facebook Stories with Length

In addition to Instagram and Whatsapp, now Facebook also has a story feature, where Facebook users can upload photos, videos, music stories and much more.

If you upload a video then you will not be able to upload long videos. You are limited to only 26 seconds per slide, if more than that then the video you upload will be truncated by 26 seconds.

So, so that you can upload long videos to Facebook stories, there is one trick you can use. With this trick, regardless of the duration of your video that is uploaded to your fb story, it will be uploaded in full without being cut off. You only need a messenger application on your smartphone.

Then how? Let’s see below in full.

Upload Videos to Facebook Stories with Length

For those of you who want to try how to upload videos to Facebook stories with a long duration, you can see the tutorial as follows.

Step 1: The first step is to open messenger, then open a conversation / chat with your friends on messenger.

Step 2: After that tap on the image icon to start uploading the video you want to upload with a long duration.

Step 3: Then select the long video you want to upload, tap Edit.

Step 5: Next tap your Story to post the story to your facebook.

Step 6: Just wait until the process is complete, and it is guaranteed that with this trick you can upload videos to Facebook stories with a long duration.

So that’s how to upload a video to a long Facebook story, I hope this tutorial is useful and good luck.

You also need to know about how to video call on facebook messenger using filters like APKShort explained earlier. However, if you have a simpler method, feel free to write it down in the comments section of this page.

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