How To Use GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes On Android

For old gamers, you must be familiar with the GTA San Andreas game, this game has been released for a long time and is already one of the best-selling games in the world. If in the past you could only play this game on Playstation or on PC, but along with the times, now we can play the GTA San Andreas game on our Android. The quality is also not inferior to the GTA Sa game on PC. You can go on an adventure to complete every mission on the map using the CJ character. To make the game easier, players of this game usually use codes that can be used to complete missions, add money, to be invulnerable, etc. For the GTA San Andreas game itself, we can use these codes to make the game easier. However, its use is slightly different from using codes on PC or PS. So what code can you use and how do you use it? see below in full.

How To Use GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes On Android

For those of you who want to try how to use gta san andreas cheat codes on Android then you can see the guide as follows.

1. Download and install the Hacker Keyboard app from the Play Store and then the settings as below.

Tap in the Enable Keyboard section – Enable it in the Hacker’s Keyboard section.


Tap on the Set Input Method – Select Hacker’s Keyboard.

Tap in the Settings section – Enable it in the Use permanent notification section.

2. Open the GTA San Andreas game, then to type the code, please swipe from the top to the bottom tap on the Show Hacker’s Keyboard section.

3. Please type the code.


Weapon 1: BEFWKSBQ.

Weapon 2: SHHIHJG.

Weapon 3: GOIZSSX.

Weapon 4: BIEUHQY.

Time accelerated by 4 hours: YACKMWS .

Mission cheat completed: BYIXZIY .

Invulnerability: GONPXWR.

Rising star 2: NCBXXDX .

Down star 2: KDTZNHO .

Warm weather: AAEXPPQC.

Hot weather: HTRTTVJ.

Cloudy weather: VBWEMQX.

Rainy weather: TAVPIER.

Fog weather: EGCEBVM.

Time is fast: OWAKIJ.

Run fast: EHWBWDS.

Slow running: FNJFCZC.

Everyone attacks you: FARYJHZ.

A gun for everyone: GDNXHDK.


Rancher Car: BIGLWCDD.

Race car 1:GPIJZ.

Race car 2: BGJPSYC.

Race car 3: BIEAVBAY.

hearse: PSPNATX.

Limousine car or rich: IXSMWCQ.

Garbage truck: QPOLSVK.

Golf cart: DAHESZY.

All cars explode: BKFONFE.

Sharp turning steering wheel: DLNNHZJ.

Suicide: SLOTSFK.

Traffic light: ENQCFMA.

Aggressive driver: IOKXTFJ.

All pink cars: GYKVYTR.

All black cars: GOYDVAO.

Cars running on water: BDBGXNJI.

Airplane: PTHSEO.


Muscular or stocky: SGVDSQW.

Skinny: AWXDCRJ.

Gambling skill increased: AFJKBNRP.

Elvis is still alive: LNHVOAE.

Villagers attack: ERFBFNI.

Beach theme: BWCMMTD.

The gang is attacking you: EAMLJNN.

The gang rules the city: HAPOHXR.

Ninja theme: AAUSQP.

Prostitute theme: BNIZWSB.

All bad cars: JTBCSN.

All good cars: FRIUBIL.

Flying car: DOTBSFK.

High jump bike: TDBKCEH.

Jet aircraft: AWPTMIIQ.

Car hit exploded: BXBTUBTI.

Spawns nos or nitro: WUSDOTO.

Car hit drift: JBVIJXA.

Always 00:00: AWUJNBB.

Always at 21:00: KTGDLXY.

Stormy weather: EAKILHM.

Sandstorm weather: JBWDWWO.

High jump: BFMANNZP.

Breathing in water : POOOJOX.

Parachute: GSUMLEG.

Jetpack: CDGUDEP.

Anti-police: BYKGOAB.

Star 6: GWJZWC.

Deadly hit: LRMYOJM.

No hunger: KBTMUVH.

Riot or apocalypse: NJXPCYE.

Clown theme: HDLIWGB.

Adrenaline: SLSNRKK.

Inexhaustible bullets: NECUMZ.

Shooting while driving: RYSMRM.

Dead or lonely city: DEHDRX.

Villager theme: OAXCCRI.

Recruit: JEZRPI.

Recruit the AK47 weapon: AWIOMPH.

Recruit rpg or basoka: QAONHOH.

Full respect: MTGIISR.

Full sex appeal: APGZLQR.

Stamina: AEZLCKXU.

Note: If when you open the keyboard instead of going to your folder, just click enter or backspace, if the smartphone screen rotates, please tap with your 2 fingers.

So that’s how to use GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes on Android, good luck.

For other interesting information you can also see how to install the latest original gta san andreas on Android which has been discussed in the previous tutorial which may be very useful for you. But if you have another easier way then you can write it in the comments column below.

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