How to Use Iphone Emojis in Cute Cut Pro (CCP) Android App

Cute Cut Pro or abbreviated as CCP is a video editing app for Android. The purpose of CCP is to edit videos as well as add transitions. In addition, in the cute cut pro app, we can also add and edit text. You can add and edit text as you wish and also change the typeface / font in the CCP app to make it more attractive. Every company like Facebook, Twitter, Samsung and Apple has their own emoji, emoji itself is a small icon that is used to describe our expressions when chatting. The best emoji among the emojis that the admin has mentioned earlier are the iPhone emojis, so many people want to use iPhone emojis in apps on Android.

In this article, I will share how to use iPhone emoji in the Cute Cut Pro (CCP) app, even though we only use Android smartphones. You can use this emoji later and you can export it in the CCP app. Another function is to show off on your social media because you are using iPhone emoji

How to Use Iphone Emojis in the Cute Cut Pro (CCP) Android App

For users who are curious about how to use iPhone emojis in the cute cut pro (ccp) Android app then you can see the tutorial below.

1. First download the IOS_v13.3 font here

2. After that, open the file manager on your phone

3. Copy / copy the ios_v13.3 font file to internal memory – CUTE CUT <<== paste here

4. After that open the CCP app

5. Create text as usual with the emoji

6. Tap the F icon at the bottom

7. Select My Fonts

8. Choose the font ios_v13.3

9. Done, your emoji in the cute cut app will automatically change to an Iphone / ios emoji

After that you can export your video and edit it as you wish. That’s my tutorial on How to Use Iphone Emoji in the Cute Cut Pro (CCP) app, I hope it’s useful

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