How to Video Call Whatsapp Using Filters on Vivo without App

As you know, WhatsApp has a video call feature where you can communicate with your friends on Whatsapp directly through your smartphone.

Usually in Whatsapp, there is no filter feature when making a video call, so when you make a video call, your face will appear as it is to your interlocutor.

Now for those of you who are not confident when video calling with your boyfriend, your husband because your face is full of acne, especially for Vivo V7 smartphone users like this admin, you can video call Whatsapp using a filter without having to install Whatsapp mod or install any additional applications.

There will be an additional menu in the form of filters and lighting on the top left of your Whatsapp video call to activate the filter during video calls and make your face look smoother and more beautiful.

Video Call Whatsapp Using Filters on Vivo smartphones without an application

For those of you who are curious about how to video call WhatsApp using filters on a Vivo smartphone without an application, you can see the guide as follows.

Step 1: Please enter settings.

Step 2: Select More Settings.

Step 3: Choose Beautiful Face Video Call.

Step 4: Then Activate in the Whatsapp section.

Step 5: The result is like this, there will be a new menu on the left for the filter settings, you can just tap it to increase the filter level.

So that’s how to use a video call filter on a Vivo smartphone without an application , hopefully this tutorial is useful and good luck.

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