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A full Broadway musical for your pocket!


Catchy, but too short The music, lyrics, and dialog were wonderful. However the length of the story was too short. Within two hours I completed the story + bonus level without needing to save. So, to ask for $2.99 is unreasonable. I’ve paid $1.99 for games with more depth, better story, and quality graphics. If the devs asked for $0.99 instead, I would have gladly supported them.

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Peter Panic screenshot
Peter Panic screenshot
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    That 1 Dude December 9, 2016
    The music, lyrics, and dialog were wonderful. However the length of the story was too short. Within two hours I completed the story + bonus level without needing to save. So, to ask for $2.99 is unreasonable. I’ve paid $1.99 for games with more depth, better story, and quality graphics. If the devs asked for $0.99 instead, I would have gladly supported them.

    Devin Byrne December 11, 2016
    The music and writing in this game are top notch. I got a lot of good laughs out of it as well as the “pay to save” troll humor was great. But at its core game play it’s just a WarioWare clone but the microgames are unbalanced. It’s a fine line between “fun and challenging” and “Well, I need to replace my phone now that I threw it at the wall” and this game hinges on the latter.

    Gian Carlo Fermin January 1, 2017
    The writing, songs, and jokes are well done but having to pay to save is dumb. I understand having to pay for some things, the developers have to make money somehow, but when it’s something so basic and mandatory in a game like this as a save feature.. it goes to far. I want to keep playing this game, and i would be willing to watch ads or anything else to support the developers, just please fix the save feature. Other than that main problem the game is very good.

    Cinnamon Toast King November 13, 2016
    I had the same thought most people here have about paying to save. But you know what?! The work that was put into this game is amazing! The singing and wonderfully done, the story was funny and so were the characters. I gave you guys the 3 dollars because the entertainment value I got out of this game would cost me more to see some stupid over hyped movie. I love the no ads, only in this case since the game CAN be beaten in a day. Again great job guys wish I found this game sooner!

    Aj Lovely November 28, 2016
    I swear people say “pay to save sucks!” well news flash it saves automatically so maybe you should pay attention. Plus this game is so awesome so no more haters because the maker’s put a lot of effort to make us this game.

    waiman yeung February 16, 2017
    I, as a developer, was really impressed by the way that you actually “sing” to beg for the money. It’s fun and I just paid for it without a second thought. I believe you guys would have a pretty good pay rate. On the other hand, I am a bit concern if you guys would make enough money to survive. $3 is really nothing in such a competitive market today.Once a user paid for “save”, it would be hard to ask them to pay for a second time for additional contents. However if you go with pay for content in the first place, high chance that they will pay for the second time. Also, pay for save is REALLY hurting your game rating due to the spoiled users.You guys should be very confident with the voice and graphic contents that you have created and sell them for real money. Of course, you will need to spend a bit more effort on the mini game user experience design. They r just weak.Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. Great work!

    Ben Nathan April 18, 2017
    Regret paying for this, lovely idea filled with tedious and repetitive games that get unnecessarily difficult and handle really quite badly. I fun romp but not really a game of any real quality.

    Deetsitmeister December 11, 2016
    Completed the game in two hours 100%, I mean I didn’t have o pay because I did it in one sitting but maybe have a longer game if you want to encourage people to save thier progress

    Monkey Manz December 10, 2016
    I liked the game I almost beat it until then my phone turned off and it saved nothing good game just play in ONE WHOLE SITTING but is stupid that you have to pay to SAVE

    Darren Forest November 28, 2016
    The songs used to slow down, but it was my phone’s fault, whoops.Still an amazing game!

    Dale Deary January 22, 2017
    Great game, but sadly just let down my the dificulty balancing of minigames

    Janna Saavedra February 22, 2017
    As a broadway lover, I give this game 5 stars!! Great storyline, great gameplay– absolutely HILARIOUS. If I had extra money, I wouldn’t think twice and just buy the game and all of the extra content. Absolutely fantastic ❤

    Deibel D April 12, 2017
    I love everything about this! The songs are great and very funny and the characters are all interesting! I highly recommend this game. I’m glad I paid the $3 to get it.

    James Ellenburg April 1, 2017
    Have to pay to save? So stupid

    CerealBoxKiller Gaming g November 13, 2016
    Sucks have to buy to save progress would not download again

    Marquez Westbrook March 3, 2017
    Pay to save thanks adult swim.

    Zack Morgenthaler December 22, 2016
    Wario ware gameplay and fantastic music

    walter barnes July 31, 2017
    It sucks Jk it was good just its too short an decent graphics

    Lisa Vlogs May 14, 2017
    HATE IT.

    Jesse Dodge March 16, 2017
    Cute game love the musical satire

    Space Coffee September 27, 2017
    Amazingly beautiful. Thank you for making this.

    Daelan Thompson February 17, 2017
    I hate it

    YOU ARE SO STUPID KEEGAN November 29, 2016
    Definitely worth a play through

    Yvette Thomas November 21, 2016
    Fun, but it is to hard

    jared hornsby October 8, 2016
    Well,this was unexpected! Loving the newish twist on a popular mini-game esqe genre. Only downside is I suck at mini games. Make me better at them via some form of telepathic link and I’ll give this 5 celestial bodies.

    Joseph Montalbano October 10, 2016
    Says the game is free, but then spends the whole time consistently begging for you to pay to save, which I guess is an attempt at humor but it’s just annoying begging. Next time put ads in the game if you want some revenue, what a shame. It did seem like it was going to be a fun game.

    Bryan Saira October 17, 2016
    This game is awesome! its like wario ware with great music, some parts of the game is free, it has no annoying ads, which is why you’ll have to pay for some of the games features. The devs need to make a living so support them by buying what ever features you need! This game is awesome

    Matthew CW October 15, 2016
    Can’t believe I have to pay almost $4 to save! I know I can play through it all free, and I know that you spent hours writing music, hiring huge broadway singing talent and programming all the amazing mini games, and I KNOW there aren’t ads every two minutes (at least no non-musical ads) but this is Google Play, we deserve everything free. (Oh, and thank you so much for finally porting the game, my iPhone broke a day after Peter Panic released, went Android and waited patiently since)

    Ivan Arellano October 16, 2016
    Seems like something I would buy, but without the issues. Audio pops, slows down, becomes robotic sounding. No bueno for a musical.

    Sam Day October 9, 2016
    I didn’t pay to save and it saved my progress so just know you don’t have to pay to save. it automatically saves so if you’re having trouble with that just get rid of that Tab and get back on that tab and it will save your progress don’t think I’m lying please?????

    Rafael A. Santiago October 6, 2016
    It just a warioware clone with some singing. Adult swim should fund swery ‘s next game. Can’t wait for his novel.

    Alicia Barb October 13, 2016
    In the game it tells you have to save by giving your money that is rude it should make you buy the game and make you fill guilty so anyone who reads this do not play this bad game ohand the makers are very ugly and it is annoying that it won’t take whiteout singing

    Celebi October 31, 2016
    If you have to pay to save. I think it’s worth it the game is amazing I love it I just started playing it and I can’t stop laughing. It’s just amazing and I love it •∆• I will pay sometime I just don’t have any money rip

    Creeper Maniac October 8, 2016
    Cuz thats stupid to 3 buck i could buy some mcdonalds with that money

    Steven Huckeba October 20, 2016
    I enjoyed playing but its sad that you have to pay to save. I removed the games as soon as i got that message

    Jennifer Helen Allaway October 7, 2016
    The music is catchy, the games are challenging, but not too challenging, and the games charm is infectious!

    Sean G October 15, 2016
    Freaking adorable. I wish some of these songs were ringtones!

    Jacob Griffith October 13, 2016
    It didn’t catch my attention

    Razlo Bailey October 6, 2016
    Warioware meets musical

    Russelle Justine Fernandez October 17, 2016
    So glad i payed for the full game, like seriously guys you rock

    What’s New

    Presenting the stunning conclusion of Peter Panic! HELP Peter make his way through five brand new levels in ADULT SWIM’s mobile musical! You WON’T want to miss all the new Broadway talent! And LET US not forget – we’ve OUTdone ourselves with special guests Swery and Danny Baranowsky! Peter has awakened a demon with a thirst for theater! Will he be able to get his town and the world out OF THIS predicament? Download Peter Panic now to find out!

    Peter Panic 9.0

    Peter Panic 9.0

    Pack peanuts, accidentally worship demons and save the theater in this fully original mobile musical! Featuring fast-paced mini-games, original songs and incredible Broadway talent! Play as Peter, an aspiring young director who wants to bring theater back to his quaint hometown. Put your fingers to the test by performing dozens of challenging mini games to convince the local weirdos to join the cause.

    You can experience the entire adventure for free! An optional premium upgrade will allow you to save your progress.

    – A full Broadway musical for your pocket
    – Save your local theater with rapid-fire mini game challenges
    – Fully original book, lyrics and score performed by a full cast
    – Features Broadway talent from Fun Home, Hair, The Little Mermaid, Motown, Spring Awakening and On Your Feet!
    – Upstage your friends in the leaderboards

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