Croowt APK – New Root Tool

Croowt is a free Android application which can be used to root almost every Android device. Since this is an application which can be installed and run on an Android device, the process of rooting using Croowt does not require a PC. With Croowt you can easily root any supported smartphone or tablet by just installing the APK.

The apk exploits this vuln in the vold context so, is necessary to have a sdcard and mount or extract it, when the app requires, one time per session.

As all of you know that Croowt is not available in Google Play Store. So, this page is created to share direct download link of all versions of Croowt apk. To download these APKs in your android phone, simply click on download button below.

Here’s a big benefit of rooting: you can get rid of that bloatware!

The first benefit of accessing administrator privileges over Android is full control over the applications installed on your handset. No longer do you have to suffer from the cluttered app drawers and reduced memory space taken up by pre-installed carrier and manufacturer applications, you can instantly cut the bloatware and keep only the apps that you really want.

As an open operating system, Android triggers a wide range of Android mobile brands and Android OS versions, we still have not found out a program which is 100% compatible for every Android phone or leads to absolutely successful rooting, particularly for Android 4.4 and the later.

File Name Croowt Root Tool
File Type zip
Note Extract file using password: APKSHORT
Size6 MB