How To Change Font and Emoji In Xiaomi Redmi 3S

Methods to Customize Font Style On Xiaomi Redmi 3S MIUI 8 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow – In this article, we will teach you easy ways to change the fonts on your Xiaomi Redmi 3S phone.

The Xiaomi Redmi 3S is a great smartphone, which is loaded with a lot of strong features. The device comes with Octa-Core (4×1.4GHz ARM Cortex A53 + 4×1.1GHz ARM Cortex A53) processor, which is provided upon the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 MSM8937 chipset rendering good performance.It also equips an Adreno 505 to handle gaming and multimedia department.

The Xiaomi Redmi 3S flaunts a 5-inch HD AMOLED display with a pixel density of 294 PPI to offer crystal clear view. The screen is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass, which will keep the device look new by resisting it to minor scratches.

As for software, the device boots Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with a skin of the company’s proprietary MIUI 8 on top. The company has made an overhaul in the user interface with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

MIUI is an advanced UI that is featured on all the latest Xiaomi mobile devices. In addition to the visual changes, Xiaomi has also added some apps that come pre-loaded with its devices such as MIUI Theme Store and more.

By default, the Xiaomi Redmi 3S comes with a few additional fonts. However, if these in-built system fonts do not fit your style, you can get more from the MIUI Store for free or at a price.

How to Change Font Style in Xiaomi Redmi 3S via Theme Store

  1. First, you need to open Theme Manager Xiaomi and on the search menu, type free or aafont.
  2. Menu of several Xiaomi fonts will pop up and next, you can choose View All.
  3. Choose your preferred font and click the green Download button and apply button respectively.
  4. Xiaomi font will be automatically changed to your preferred type. To reset to default font, just simply change the theme.

How to Change Font And Emoji in Xiaomi Redmi 3S via zFont App

  1. Find and install zFont custom font installer app for Xiaomi Redmi 3S from Google Play Store.
  2. Once the app installed in your Xiaomi Redmi 3S, open the app and the interface will give you three menu options; regular font, colored font, and emoji.
  3. Choose Cool to see unique font options and you can choose the one you like. Click Download to download the preferred font. After download completed tap Set button.
  4. Option Font Changing model will pop up and then, choose Xiaomi (MIUI) and Method 3 (latest) respectively.
  5. Once applied, the font will make your Xiaomi Redmi 3S display looks even better

We hope you enjoy your new found ability to change the font style and emoji on your font in Xiaomi Redmi 3S. Do you leave them stock or go all out? Drop a comment and let us know!

This method of changing font styles can also be applied to How to record Xiaomi screen with internal and external audio without app. The thing is that you can enjoy your favorite font to make your Xiaomi Redmi 3S looks fresher and interesting to see than the other Xiaomi.