Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung Phone

It’s no wonder that wireless charges for Samsung phones are in high demand. It is a very convenient feature included almost every Samsung smartphone and it allows you to basically charge your smartphone by simply placing it on the charging pad. While Samsung does make their own first party wireless charger, there are numerous other third-party ones available that are just as good and thankfully priced very reasonably.

If you’re new to the wireless charging game, I recommend that you stick with the first party charger Samsung makes because it is the safest bet. However, many people are not satisfied by the price to quality ratio of the official Samsung wireless charger. So we’ve listed Best wireless Chargers in the world for Samsung here.

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

As the list is not in any particular order I feel that I should include the official product first. Even though I am not satisfied with the asking price myself, going first party is always the safest bet if you are not interested in taking the risk of a 3rd party one. A point to be noted here is that this is a wireless fast charger, not a simple wireless charger so the latest flagship smartphones from Samsung will benefit from fast charging.

You can also charge other smartphones that don’t have fast charging with this charging pad as well, so all your bases are covered. That’s not all, unlike a certain fruity company, Samsung follows the standard wireless charging protocols, so you’ll be able to charge smartphones manufactured by other companies with this charger as well.

Yootech Fast Wireless Charger

I was not aware of the company that makes this wireless fast charger but during my research I found that it is constantly satisfying many customers. Almost every product that this company makes has great reviews by customers and the wireless charger is priced very competitively. One thing to be noted about this charger is that it will require Samsung Quick Charge adaptive fast charger as it’s power source.

There is a smart LED indicator that will automatically dim according to the light in the room. The charger ships with a micro USB cable as well. The build quality seems okay, a little skeptical about the glossy finish on the top but the indentation may provide the necessary traction.

Choetech Fast Wireless Charger

This is one of the best looking wireless chargers simply because of its straightforward design. The Choetech fast wireless charger has a curved square design in matt black that can look really great on your bedside table.

The charger is able to charge your Samsung device 1.4 times faster than a regular wireless charger, if you have a compatible device. Even if you don’t have the latest and greatest, the charger is still one of the best wireless ones around. And at a price of below 15 dollars, this is a really lucrative deal.

These were the best wireless chargers for your Samsung phone. You may have noticed that I only included fast chargers on the list, this is because the price difference is very small between the regular wireless chargers and the fast kind, and it makes more sense to invest in a gadget that will last you at least for a couple of years. Even if you own a budget device, you will be happy to have one of these wireless chargers when you do upgrade to a flagship one.
We also have a list about the best wireless charging stands for Samsung phones, if you are interested in using that beautiful Always on Display feature on the night stand.